10 Best Kissing Techniques To Try Right Now

Different kissing techniques are such a joy that you can’t afford to miss. It is enjoyable. Even if it isn’t followed by a second base. You got to be a good kisser because nobody wants to be labeled as sensually unattractive, right?

It is kissing that will ignite the heat and keep the fire soaring even after you spent. Unfortunately, a lot of people let their kissing skills slide, once they start having sex with someone. It’s time to go back to basics and learn a few tricks of kissing and get the spark back.

Are you ready for this seductive and romantic ride?

Number one; Tongue tornado? Who said that using your tongue while kissing is a bad idea exactly? Someone who has never tried it, pull them closer, fix your lips on there’s and insert your tongue. You can also invite their tongue in your mouth and suck on it, or how about you twirl your tongue around there? Pull back and wrap your lips around the tip of their tongue, suck on it gently and try not to let your lips touch. Then go back to the tongue swirling full mouth kiss. Oh wait, before you take the plunge, know that you shouldn’t open your mouth too much or else you’ll slobber all over them.

Kissing techniques

Number two; Ear action; Like we said, you are wrong to think that only lips are involved in kissing. Do you know that ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body? So if you haven’t already guessed kissing your partner on the ear, you better try. Kissing on the ear will turn them on a lot becuase kissing the ear and sucking on it would be great. But if you want to take things a notch higher, nibble on their ear, yeah people go nibble nibble and then enjoy the fruits in the form of passionate lovemaking.

Ear kissing

Number three; Hands up; you know, how wrong you are if you think that kissing is all about the lips. It surely revolves around them and the pearly whites they hide but that’s not the end of the story. Your hands are an asset and not using them while making out would be such a waste, you can’t just leave them at your side. But no that’s too boring. Use them to pull your partner closer as your kisses, get deeper and more passionate. But the best way would be to rub their erogenous zones like their neck and back while kissing a bit more passion.

Number Four; the kissing triangle slightly on the tub or side to perform practically, but a very sensual kissing technique. Something you should try the next time you are romantically involved with somewhat, start kissing the person on the lips as you normally would but then, twist things a bit, kiss them on the cheek down to their neck and then back to the other cheek and finally their lips. This way you have made a complete triangle and this geometry will increase your Chemistry beautifully. Try it while making love in a face-to-face position and see what it does to them.

Triangle kissing

Number five; the unattended jawline, even if you know about a few techniques of kissing and are using them already. You are still not making the most of the moment. Do you know why? Because while you were busy with their lips and neck, you completely Overlook something that is a connection between the two. Yes, your jawline never gave much thought to it. That’s exactly where the problem is. Trace your partner’s jawline with your lips, so delicately and wait for them to tell you how wonderful it feels.

Number six; the foots business; while things are getting hot and heavy up there. Why should it be cold and dry down there? Right we mean two feet but your idea was also not that bad. Anyway, while you are engrossed in kissing, you could always slide your feet onto your Lover’s leg and feel them tremble under your naughty touch.

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