Making the switch to WPS Office can be a daunting process for many people, especially those who have never used it before. It can feel intimidating to learn a new program, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tips, you can make the transition to WPS Office smooth and easy. In this article, we will provide five tips to help you make the switch to WPS Office so that you can start using it quickly and efficiently.


1) Open any Microsoft Office file in WPS Office


WPS Office is a powerful, free office suite that allows you to open, view, and edit Microsoft Office documents. You can open any of your existing Microsoft Office files, such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and more, with WPS Office. This makes it easy to continue working on the same file across different devices. Plus, WPS Office has tools that make it easier than ever to open, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents.


WPS Office also offers the flexibility to open other document types, including Adobe PDFs and popular image formats like JPG and PNG. This means you can easily open files created by other programs and convert them into a format that WPS Office can open and edit. With WPS Office, you can open virtually any type of document file, so you don’t need to worry about switching between different programs.


2) Get more done with fewer clicks


When making the switch to WPS Office, you’ll be pleased to find that it takes fewer clicks to do work. WPS Office features an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that will allow you to quickly access the tools you need with just a few clicks. The ribbon menu is organized in an easily accessible and logical way, so you won’t have to waste time hunting around for the right button.


Additionally, WPS Office includes a wide variety of shortcuts and hotkeys to help streamline your workflow. These helpful options make it easier to complete tasks in less time, so you can get more done with fewer clicks. With WPS Office, you’ll be able to find the tools you need quickly and efficiently.


3) Save time with auto-recovery


Using WPS Office, you no longer have to worry about losing hours of work due to a computer crash. The auto-recovery feature automatically saves your work at regular intervals, allowing you to pick up where you left off without having to manually save each time you make a change. This can be a great timesaver and help prevent any unexpected surprises when you’re trying to finish a project.


4) Share your work easily


WPS Office provides a suite of tools to help you share your work with others quickly and securely. With WPS Office, you can export your documents to PDF and other popular file formats like DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT, and RTF. You can also easily save to the cloud with just one click or share your work using a shared link.


With its integrated communication platform, WPS Office allows you to collaborate in real-time with colleagues and friends from anywhere. The platform also makes it easy to track changes and chat while working on projects together. With WPS Office, sharing your work is faster and easier than ever before.


5) Take your work with you on the go


WPS Office is the perfect solution for those who are always on the move. With the mobile version of the software, you can take your work with you wherever you go and never miss a beat. You can access your documents from any device, making it easy to stay productive even when you’re away from your desk. The mobile app also offers cloud storage integration so you can keep all of your important documents safe and secure.




Switching to WPS Office is a great way to save time and get more done. With the ability to open any Microsoft Office file, fewer clicks to get your work done, auto-recovery to save you time, easy sharing options, and the ability to take your work with you on the go, WPS Office is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make the switch from Microsoft Office. With these 5 tips, you will now have the know-how on how to use Office with WPS and get the most out of your work.

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