5 ways to match your jewelry perfectly

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

 There are possibly a handful of people who are not jewelry lovers. Be it any kind of metallic, chunky or antique jewelries, people are absolutely in love with all kinds of them and choose them according to their preferences.

The quality of the jewelries that we buy should also be kept in consideration. As different jewelries are imported from different countries, for instance the man made diamonds UK. All of us know the popularity of man made diamonds UK and how demandable they are.

However, many people do not understand the mixing and the matching process of the jewelries with their favorite outfits. So, here we will look at the top 5 ways of matching your outfits with the right kind of accessories:

  • Wear minimal amount of jewelries if your outfit is heavily embroidered, as it will look really outrageous and overwhelming with too many jewelries. On the other hand, use chunky and bold jewelries if you are wearing simple clothing, so that your look is balanced perfectly.
  • Use a color wheel to match your jewelries with the type of clothes you are going to pair with. The color works in two ways: choose the color of your outfit and find a complementary match on the wheel. Another way is to choose the analogous colors by seeing which color of outfit is closest to the color of your jewelry.
  • Focus on where you want to draw attention to. For example, if your attention is the neck, then style your neck with layers of multi colored neckpieces or anklets of you are willing to focus on your ankles.
  • Diam onds are the best kind of jewelries that can go blend in any of your outfits for different occasions. Although people may have different choices, diam onds are the perfect ones if you are considering in experimenting your looks.
  • Finally, your jewelries should match the occasions that you are attending at. For example, simple pendants are an everyday accessories and goes with both minimal and bold outfits. Wearing stud earrings is another way of styling your regular outfits.

These five points should be your go-to style advices next time you go for any event.

In conclusion, knowing these basic points will help you in knowing the kind of look that suits you and the looks that you should avoid.

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