Bahamas travel visa is the proper documentation you need to legally enter the country. No matter where you are visiting from or for what purpose, you need a visa to be allowed into the commonwealth of Bahamas. 

One thing changed after the breakout of the Covid-19 virus. Travelers don’t need only a visitor visa again if they want to visit this island for either business or tourism. You need to have a Bahamas travel health visa, which the country uses to track and prevent the spread of Covid virus. 

Why is the Bahamas travel health visa important

Bahamas travel health visa (BTHV) is an initiative to fight against the continued spread of Covid-19 virus in the commonwealth of Bahamas territory. This process will ensure that both the traveler and locals are all safe. So, you need to provide evidence with this travel health visa that you are in good health and will not spread the virus. Just like the normal visa you need to possess before traveling to the Bahamas, this is another important document that will give you a permit to enter the country.

Guide on how to get Bahamas travel health visa

Do you plan on traveling to the Bahamas for any purpose? You need to have this document. It will give you access to the country. 

I will be revealing to you the simple and easy steps to apply for your own Bahamas travel health visa as you visit the country. 

The application is done online and you need a proof of Covid-19 test you took 72 before the arrival time. 

  • You need to first open an account on the government health travel website. This account is where you are going to carry out the application. 
  • Click on the add trip button on your dashboard. Go ahead to add RT-PCR of your Covid test. You can also add a vaccination card (if you have received the vaccine). 
  • Provide information about all dependents you will be traveling with. 
  • Add details of your travel which consists of your travel departure location and destination location. 
  • Submit your health visa application and it will change status to “pending”. At this level, you will wait for the application to get approval before Commencing to make payments. Remember that you have the right to contact the Bahamas travel unit if your application is denied. (contact them here [email protected]

Must I apply for a Bahamas travel health visa? 

Everyone who wishes to visit the Bahamas must apply for this visa. This is an important part of the strategies Bahamas is using to fight against the Covid-19 virus. 

Travelers under the age of 18 may not apply for this if they are traveling with a guardian who will add them on their own profile as dependents. 

Frequently asked questions 

How long does it take the Bahamas travel health visa to be out

It can take from 72 hours to 100 hours to be approved. 

Must everyone apply for a Bahamas health visa? 

Everyone who wants to visit the country must first apply for this visa. It’s part of Bahamas initiative to tackle Covid-19. 


Bahamas travel health visa is a document that shows you are not a threat to the country. This visa cost around $40 to $70 depending on your nationality and vaccination history. Children won’t apply for this health visa as they will be added as dependents on their parents dashboard.

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