Alternatives Of White hat Jr

White Hat Jr is very expensive if you compare it to other online coding platforms and is not effective as it was shown in TV-Advertisements and Banners. Reality is far more different from those catchy Facebook ads and to explain the whole fraud of the so-called kids coding platforms I need to write a dedicated article.

So, I am going to mention the best coding platforms that you can use in place of white hat jr.

1. Udemy:- It provides you a huge variety of courses not only for coding but on several other topics like photography, hacking, copying writing, digital marketing, and cryptography, etc. You will get both paid and free courses. In paid you get many options like live interactivity with a tutor, proper assignments, and occasional updates with new tutorials. It also gives you discounts on festive seasons and runs its affiliate program. Because this was a bit older than the decades-learning portal so, you can also get these paid courses for free on pirated sites. Here you also get the courses in other languages.

2. Udacity:- The range of courses is amazing. No other e-learning portal comes close to giving as several courses on as many topics. You\’ll get good courses and tutorials on topics starting from Programming and Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Business, AutonomousSystem, Career Advancement, and many other courses. It has 200, courses that are completely free but do not offer certificates. Usually, these courses are created as a part of a premium nano-credentials that Udacity offers called a Nanodegree.

Nanodegrees are available in paid mode only and currently, it provides certification with it and also provides Nanodegree plus program where they offer money-back job guarantee. Udacity has done a collaboration with GOOGLE.

3. W3Schools:- It is a very great website provide a lot of information on a different type of computer languages. You get an online code editor where you can perform several experiments, free exercises to sharpen your skills, free quizzes of20-40 questions, a special web forum for all languages, and get certified for only $95 per course.

4. Khan Academy:- In recapitulation, Khan Academy has fantastic tools for the mentors together with recommending issues, chase pupils’ time and progress, and inbuilt grading. Elementary students could develop accuracy, become motivated, gain perception, and establish confidence. It is a non-profit academic association created in 2008 by Salman Khan, with the goal of making a collection of online tools that facilitate to educate students.
5. YouTube:- Here you will find a lot of videos on any topic on any coding language for free without any limit you can practice it on any online code compiler or interpreter. YouTube has a wide variety of subjects on the computer which you can learn in your local language.

6. UpGrad:- It is an e-portal where you can easily get a P. G Diploma in a course and get certified. It is specially made for working professionals those who can\’t spear their time on studying. Their fees were slightly high, but it worth it. From upgrad you get taught by industrialist professionals.

Writer: Shruti Aggarwal

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