I think you will agree that we take a lot for granted in our lives. Unless we are forced to be without something, we don’t realise just how much we used or relied on it. But for some, they are being forced to be without some things for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Thankfully, companies like accessiBe are helping to change this. By making a few small adjustments, the lives of many can be transformed. The lives of who? And in what way? Is there something we can do to help?

Changing lives for the better

Hopefully, we all hate the thought of discrimination. But for those who are living with a disability, they can often be left feeling excluded and discriminated against if they are unable to access something that the rest of us can do so easily. This is not acceptable, and it should be something that we are all conscious of helping to change. But again, unless it personally affects us or a family member, it may not be something we always think about or consider. For example, I never realised how annoying it was that cars often park on the sidewalk until I had to keep going on to the road with a pushchair to get around them. This made me stop and think. Getting a pushchair on and off a sidewalk is easy enough to do, albeit a bit dangerous, but for those in a wheelchair, unless there is a ramp conveniently placed right next to the car, you will likely have to go back the way you came and find an alternative route. Fast forward a few years and this is the very scenario I sometimes find myself in with my husband’s wheelchair. And it is frustrating to say the least.

In what way can changes be made?

Other than not parking on the sidewalk, there are other things people can do. Much of our lives nowadays are spent online. And again, unless you have problems accessing websites yourself, you have likely never considered that some people do. But as the internet is such an important part of our lives now, we should be conscious of making sure that our own websites are accessible for everyone and that no one is discriminated against by not being able to use or view it.

Is there something we can do to help?

Yes, there is. If your website is not accessible, it is time to change things. There is software available to you that can make the needed changes to your website to make sure it is accessible to those living with a disability. So, there isn’t even any work for you to do, it is all done for you. So do your bit to help make the world accessible for everyone.

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