Getting Around Zanzibar on Low Budget

If you arrive by ferry and base yourself in stone town for the initial night, you do not need a transfer or taxi – just exit the ferry building and turn right, rejecting all the papacy and taxi drivers and you are at Forodhani Gardens next to the old city center of stone town.

From Zanzibar airport with Zanzibar tour packages, you will need to get out of the airport to the right, the bus station is just about 300m away from the terminal. Domestic transport takes you to the Stone town center for 300-500 TSH the vehicles generally have U/Ndege as their sign and they will drop you close to Darajani market from where you can go into the old town in search for your budget accommodation.

Getting away from the stone

If you are a real backpacker in Zanzibar, then you will possibly go for public transport. Public transport in Zanzibar is pretty simple although it comes with the typical African confusion. There are data or convoys.

Every type of public transport has 2 people working combine: the conductor (Konda) is the person you should do all the talking to – the driver just drives, any person is just meddling in and might not forever help you. You recognize the conductor as they are supposed to wear yellow/blue shirts.

The buses to the North (Kendwa, Nungwi, Kiwengwa, Matemwe), leave close to Darajani market. For the South Paje, Jambiani, Kizimkazi, Michamwi), they sometimes begin at Darajani, but you might have to walk towards the East German heritage apartments blocks around the side to the right and take a bus with the Sign M/KWEREKWE where all daladalas/buses to the South East coast leave and definitely this is the best things to do in Zanzibar.

Things to do in Zanzibar

Real backpacking on Zanzibar is restricted, unfortunately. The reason that accommodation prices are higher in Zanzibar is due to 2 factors – Zanzibar is an island, so a lot of stuff and goods have to be imported, and the administration is pursuing policies at the high-end market.

As an outcome, it takes a bit of work to find the true cheap stuff, and if you pay anything less than fifteen dollars per person per night, you can be sure that the accommodation is dodging the taxes. It is up to your morals whether you want to reject or support this type of behavior.

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