Belarus Visa for Nigerians is a document that gives travelers the right to enter the country and stay for a specific time. Many Nigerians desire to visit this country for work and business since it has lots of great opportunities. 

As a traveler, and depending on your qualifications. Belarus offers three main types of visa to Nigerians. They are Tourist, Business or Visitor visas. Applicants can only apply for the type they have qualifications for and align with their travel purposes. If you plan to vacation in Belarus then the tourist visa is your best bet, if you plan to visit a friend, then you need an invitation letter from them before applying for a visitors visa. 

Documents you need to apply for Belarus Visa for Nigerians

Before going ahead to apply for a Belarus Visa, you must secure all these documents. Some visa types may have different documentation but this list comprises the possible information you may need. 

International passport: this should be a valid passport that has at least 6 months validity with two free pages. 

Medical insurance: you need a valid medical insurance that can be recognized in Belarus. This document must contain the details of the insurance company and must cover about €10,000. 

Two passport photographs: must be a recent passport with a colored background. 

Invitation letter: this will apply mostly when applying for a visitors visa. You have to present a letter from a family or relative who is inviting you to Belarus. 

Flight reservations: these documents should contain the date of departure and arrival at Belarus Airport. Also, it must contain a return ticket. 

Hotel reservations: as a tourist or business traveler, you must present a proof of hotel reservations in Belarus. 

Permission from employer: this letter must be signed by your employer stating that you are legally free to make this trip. This letter must also contain the employer’s contact details. 

Business certificate: in case you are pursuing a business visa, this document is very important as it shows you legally own a business in Belarus or run a business. 

Certificate of ties to Nigeria: this will show the traveler has no intention of refusing to return back home after their stay in Belarus. It could be children’s birth certificates, marriage certificates or business certificates. 

How to Apply for Belarus Visa for Nigerians

Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully apply for a Belarus Visa in Nigeria. 

  • Step 1: download visa application form and fill it out with all the important information about yourself and travel plans. 
  • Step 2: Compile your form and the required documents together. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Make sure that your application form is clearly put together. 
  • Step 3: You need to find the Belarus consulate or embassy in your country to submit your visa application. 
  • Step 4: go for interviews. The embassy will usually send you an invitation for interviews after reviewing your application form. 
  • Step 5: your Belarus Visa will get approval from the embassy within one week. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is Belarus Visa on arrival for Nigerians? 

No. Nigerians must get a valid tourist, business or visitor visa before entering Belarus. 

How long does it take to get a Belarus Visa from Nigeria

Normally, it will take 5 working days but you can FastTrack it by paying a fee to get it processed in 2 days. 

Does Belarus have an embassy in Nigeria

Yes. There’s a Belarus consulate in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna.  


Belarus Visa for Nigerians can visitors, business or tourist. Applying for a Belarus Visa is not difficult if you have the important documents. Also, this country can grant you a visa in less than 5 working days. How many countries can do that? That’s to show how fast and easy it is to acquire a Belarusian visa. 

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