Best Part Time Jobs

Insurance Agents:- They don’t get a salary they get a commission from selling policies, and this career is very hard if you will do it in traditional ways, i.e. selling door to door. You have to join this career to tell the people about the hidden disadvantages of a particular policy in a nutshell you have been an insurance consultant. Yet this career is a death in some countries because of the high penetration of online insurance site.

Travel Agents:- You can become a travel agent by collaborating with hotels, restaurants, travel insurance companies, and travel guides. You can pursue this career in your summer, or winter vacations, but for this, you have to sacrifice your dreams and desires. Yet this career is damaged a lot in the COVID-19 era because of severe lockdown in many countries.

Renting Goods and Properties:- You can rent different goods and properties on a contract basis and can earn a decent amount of money. By renting goods and properties I don’t refer to traditional mortgage renting you can rent Electricity Generators, Submersible Pumps, Water pumps or water motors, Geysers, Air Purifiers, and Water purifiers.

Delivery Boy:- You can do this job for any company, yet some companies don’t allow part-time job but you can do for any local retailers and for any general stores. For this, you need your own vehicles like a bicycle or bike. Your salary is dependent on your delivery service.
You can do this job on the night shift, and you will pay an amount in which you can make your living.

Real estate agent:- This job can be also done on weekends, festivals holidays, and seasonal vacations. Here you can easily make a handsome amount of commission on a sale of per house. For this, you need some knowledge about mortgages, finance, land laws, and small experience or background in the industry is enough. You should keep self-aware of the new trends of the market.

Newspaper Hawkers:- In this job, you can easily earn a small amount of money. For this, you need a bicycle or you can do this manually in this way you can easily make yourself healthy without joining the GYM and buying supplements. You will get paid extra for working at festivals and holidays.

Micro Worker:- Microwork could be any micro task that has been outsourced to a decentralized, online workforce. A microtask is a little job that needs a low-level talent and takes the lowest time to complete. Here you will need only a smartphone device and Internet connection and you have to do tasks like visiting the site, clicking on the ads, and searching for a particular query in a search engine. Despite wasting time on social media you can do this.

Personal Tutor:- This is a traditional occupation mostly prefer by high school students, by school teachers, housewives, children preparing for exams, children’s doing post-graduation, under-graduated children, etc. A side income can easily be earned in this occupation. However, the deep spreading of e-education affected this career, but it can’t affect the minds of critical parents, so, it is still widely required by the mentors. II reasons are internet bandwidth and availability to your area:-

“According to a survey, only 24% of Indian households have an internet facility.”

” While 66% of India’s population lives in villages, only a little over 15% of rural households have access to internet services.”

” For urban households, the proportion is 42%. ”

“Among the poorest 20% of households, only 2.7% have access to a computer and 8.9% to internet facilities. In the case of the top 20% of households, the proportions are 27.6% and 50.5%. ”

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