Best Safety Shoes For Men

There are many professional environments where safety shoes may be necessary, whether it’s logistics, construction, or transportation. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs to cover the relevant industry.

Safety Shoes Explained

Safety shoes come in different styles and designs. There are steel-toe-capped boots to protect against falling objects. Whether your team is lifting or shifting heavy objects or overseeing them, safety shoes help protect toes to keep employees safe. 

There are safety shoes designed specifically to prevent slips and falls, whether it’s in a kitchen or on a construction site. Safety shoes provide comfort and balance and can offer traction, as well as the correct tread for the industry, whether there are uneven surfaces, wet floors or ladders. 

If your team works in inclement weather, safety shoes provide protection against the elements. When working in the cold, waterproof safety shoes that are well insulated are key to preventing circulatory issues. 

Safety shoes can also help improve posture to prevent muscle strains. Safety shoes with adequate cushioning and arch support provide reinforcement for the ankles and feet to ensure the legs are correctly aligned to reduce back pain. 

Safety shoes also provide protection against electric shock. It’s a major risk in a variety of workplaces, and even with every health and safety measure in place, safety shoes are a crucial piece of the puzzle. Rubber or leather shoes reduce the risk of this, and where there is a higher risk of electric shock, anti-static shoes are recommended. 

The Best Safety Shoes 

The best safety shoe for your purpose will depend on your industry and what features are most important. However, we have compiled several of the best options on the market. 

  1. RS Pro FW81

This slip-on safety shoe, in white, features an oil and slip-resistant outsole and steel toe caps. They have a water-resistant upper, and the outsole can withstand up to 200°C. The hell is anti-static and they are machine washable as well. It’s a durable, practical safety shoe ideal for use in the food and medical industry. 

  1. Dr Martens Icon 2216

If you need safety shoes for use in engineering, manufacturing, equipment operations or in heavy industrial environments, these black Dr Martens are perfect. They were made to provide protection in even the toughest workplaces, while still remaining comfortable for all-day wear. They’re slip-resistant, feature a 200-joule steel toe-cap, and have industrial strength laces. The wide fit and padded collar combine with a cushioned footbed and sole for ultimate comfort.

  1. UVEX Office Brogue

An office brogue is a sharper take on the classic safety shoe. It offers an anti-slip, heat and cut-resistant sole, as well as anti-static properties and resistance against oil, alkali, petrol, and acid. It is heat resistant up to 300°C for brief periods. It’s the perfect safety shoe for middle management, foremen, and executives who visit sites regularly.

Before you invest in safety shoes, be sure to check the technical reference datasheet to ensure it meets all of the requirements of the job. 

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