Can you teach yourself to build an app?

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There’s no better time to start building your first app than now. It’s easy, it will be fun, and you’ll be able to showcase your talent. So many people are unsure of what to do when it comes to app development, but this blog post will teach you everything you need to know. You can definitely code an app yourself. This is the first article of my second blog post in which I will teach you to code.

In this article, I will make a list of all software that can help you build an app. Best part about this list is that it’s free for everybody. There are two main things that you need to learn before you code your first app: programming and design. So if you’re anything like me, you have no idea how to code and design might be completely new to you. It’s not a problem, we’ll discuss those things in this article as well.

How to create an app by yourself?

  1. Get Your Idea: Your idea is your app’s soul. If you don’t have an idea, then you might wanna try thinking of one, or use something that already exists.
  2. Build Your Prototype: Do mockups of your app and decide how it will work. Create wireframes and mockups with tools on this list so your app has a chance of working when you’ve completed the design.
  3. Design Your App: If design doesn’t come naturally to you then use some tools on this list to create a prototype. If it does come naturally to you, then use those tools to create a great looking app that people will want to use when they see it in the App Store.
  4. Get Your App Licensed: This is extremely important. Your app needs a developer certificate most likely called an API or App ID. You can get this by licensing software such as the app signing tools and apps you need on this list. The licences will usually have a cost (as low as $5) to obtain.
  5. Create The App: Create your app in Xcode or use an HTML editor, upload it to the app store and get reviews for it like the other apps on this list that have been reviewed by people in order for them to help with their search rankings.
  6. Market Your App: You need to spend money on advertising for your app, but you can get free publicity with social media accounts and press releases to help your rankings.

How to teach yourself to code

  1. Learn the Basics: I’m not going to explain how because it isn’t that much of a help if I did. However, there are some great tutorials out there that will take you from zero programming knowledge to mastering all coding languages in just a handful of days.


  1. Learn the basics with this awesome course: There are a lot more courses and tutorials on their website.


  1. Learn to Code by Building Apps: This is a great course that teaches you how to code, makes it fun and has a very awesome creator. This is the second video in the course.


  1. Learn To Code by Making Games: This is another really awesome course that covers a lot of different languages and has lots of games for you to play along with your lessons (and it’s free!)


  1. Learn to code with free tutorials: There are tons of free tutorials on YouTube all throughout the internet that teach you, from scratch, how to build apps with all types of programming languages and design tools. Here are some resources:


  1. Learn Coding: There is a free website that has a great reputation for learning to code. It’s got a course on Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The platform is very easy to use and it’s interactive as well.


  1. Learn to Code with Free Tutorials: There are tons of free tutorials on YouTube all throughout the internet that teach you, from scratch, how to build apps with all types of programming languages and design tools.


Benefits of teach yourself to build an app:


  1. It’s cheap to make: You don’t have to hire anybody or ask your friends for help. Just you, your computer and internet access, that’s all you need!


  1. Great resume builder: If you want to get a job in the app development sector and you have no experience, then it’s hard for you to get an interview because they’re looking for people with experience, not people with great ideas.


  1. It’s great for sharing your talent: You can show your friends and family what you can do by building them an app.


  1. It’s great for starting a business: I have built numerous apps myself and have sold all of them on the App Store and that was my first time ever doing it. The only reason I could do it is because I taught myself how to code in multiple languages.


  1. It’s a good portfolio: If you have no education and you want to get a job in a company that requires degrees, then this is the first step towards getting your foot in the door.


  1. It’s Cheap: Just like how it costs very little money to develop an app yourself because you don’t have to pay anybody, it also costs little money to teach yourself how to do something by doing it yourself instead of hiring someone to help out with it.


Final Verdict:


You can teach yourself to code an app. It’s challenging, but that’s the reason you should do it. You have everything you need at your fingertips and it will be really fun while doing it. Nobody will know how passionate you are about coding an app until you do it. Share your ideas with your friends and family because they can help you build your app. If you’re anything like me, then you have a lot of great ideas that should be executed, but I don’t have the time or skill to execute them.

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