Naming a Star

Naming a star after someone is a perfect gift and the question of how to buy a star would come to your mind when you would plan to name a star in the sky for someone. It is not hard to buy a star in the sky because numerous online companies offer this service and they also give you a step-by-step procedure on how to buy a star for your loved ones. The process includes locating a reputable resource on the Internet and knowing the process of that resource.

Only a few people know that they can name a star for their loved ones and only a few of them know the procedure to buy such a gift. The people who do not know how to buy a star should research on the Internet to know about this service. One thing that everyone should know is that science does not accept this concept so you do not need to consult NASA for buying a star. All you need is Internet connectivity and if you have this then you can use the Internet to name a star for someone. The registration certificate would be mailed to you within a couple of days.

Buy a Star

Moreover, when you would research on the Internet to know how to buy a star, what the kits include may be different for different companies. So, it would be your duty to know about the details of any star registry kit. After knowing the details and price of the kit, you may decide whether to buy it or not. Naming a star in the sky would be a perfect gift for your loved partner and you should not miss the opportunity to make your loved partner contented buy such a wonderful gift.

I have to admit I was initially skeptical when I heard about Star Registry and the ability to buy a star name. In fact, I already had previous knowledge that the scientific community does not recognize any star names other than those which they name themselves – which are nothing but long strings of numbers.

I looked at a lot of different companies that offered the opportunity to “buy a star”. Unfortunately, many of them try to hide the fact that you’re really not buying the star at all, but more or less making a symbolic gesture to someone else.

This rubbed me the wrong way because I do not like to do business with people who try to deceive me. However, what I like about Star Registry is that they were right up front with the idea behind buying a star.

In fact, it is a pretty good idea. There is the sentiment behind it. Why you do not really get ownership of the star, what you do receive when buying a star is a star naming kit. This is a very beautiful gift – it comes with a certificate printed on parchment paper, the date the star was dedicated, and the star coordinates.


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