Booking cheap airline tickets is not something you can easily find since many airline companies won’t give you hints when prices will go down. So, you must rely on other websites that aggregate the price of many airlines to show you the best price for your travel needs—any time. 

Have you experienced conditions where you find it difficult to see airline websites with cheaper prices? It can really be frustrating opening different airline websites to find out the prices are almost the same. That’s when you need these websites I will list out here. 

Are there benefits of booking through the main airline’s website

You won’t find any benefits if you are eager to book cheap flights. This is why some Online travel agencies began the service of providing travelers with good deals. 

The only problem I see when booking with online travel agencies (OTA) is choosing the best one for the job. If you will have to go through many agents, then you have not defeated the problem. So, I have to analyze most of the popular OTAs that will offer you access to very cheap tickets. 

Best websites to buy Cheap airline tickets


Do you want to save the time you spend looking for websites with cheap prices? That’s when the kayak came to the rescue. It does not provide booking services but functions more as a search engine for people looking for cheap airline tickets. 

One function on this website I like the most is the price alert. This functionality will help you get knowledge about cheap prices immediately. 


Expedia was one of the first websites for people who wanted to book flights many years ago. Till today, this website still shows travelers the best price for any of their travel needs. You also get to earn some points when using this website to buy tickets. 


I will first inform you about the Orbitz reward program which is very cool. You will earn for any hotel, flights or travel packages you order through the website. Apart from just helping you find cheap airline tickets, you will make good amounts of money.


Just like kayak, this website will help you search and find the best airline deals for you. However, you will be redirected to another Online travel agency or main airline website to buy the tickets. It also offers very comfortable searching options to help you find what you need faster. 

Google flights 

This website will show you dates to expect the best travel deals with its modern searching abilities. It has a travel trend chart that will help you understand when to expect a spike in ticket prices. Also, the live search option will get the job done in minutes. 


This is the perfect Online travel agency for all your cheap flight bookings. Some people do complain about the high fees but it will not prevent you from saving money from the normal airline ticket. 

Frequently asked questions 

Which day of the week is best to buy airline tickets

You should try Tuesdays and Wednesdays for local flights and Wednesdays and Thursdays for international tickets. 

Is Online travel agency free to use

Some of them charge yearly fees while others charge processing fees when you are paying for the airline tickets. 

Will I save money using flight searching websites

You may not save hundreds of dollars but you will surely save something that may have been wasted. 


Cheap airline tickets can not always come through, especially if you don’t book for flight reservations ahead of the travel date. Using some of this website will mostly save your time in finding the best tickets for your travel needs. 

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