Cheap places to travel to this year should not border you anymore, even if you have nothing left in your pocket but you still desire to travel. 

Not having enough money cannot be a hindrance again to your travel plans. There are very nice places you can visit with your family or take a vacation alone and you will be amazed with the wonders you will experience. I will be revealing to you 20 nice and cheap places you can visit in 2023 without ever worrying about the cost.

20 Cheap places to visit in 2023 

This list consists of those nice places you have never thought about before. Start washing your traveling bag because you will be on the move after reading this article. 


I still can’t believe the price of food and accommodation in this country. You can literally eat to stupor with only $1 and still have another take away. The hotel accommodation is also on the lowest. You can stay here for a whole year and you won’t feel like you have spent money. That’s why I have to place it as the number one Cheap places to travel.


One thing I love about Thailand is that almost everywhere is cheap. You won’t experience a price hike if you enter most of the cities. The Clear and bright idyllic island still remains the place I loved the most.

South Africa 

Many travelers now troop into this country after learning how cheap it is to visit. Memorable safari experience and seeing some of the largest wildlife habitats is such a great experience in South Africa. 


With about $2 you can experience life in one of the most fascinating waterfalls and landscapes in southeast Asia. Almost everything here is cheap, even renting a motorbike to ride across the town. 


Do you want to travel to a place where you can experience culture traveling from one town to another with a boat? You will surely love it here. Apart from boat riding, you can travel anywhere you want with their local travel transportation. 


This South American country will amaze you with lovely beaches, cheap restaurants and many more. Your time here will surely be worth it. 


Maybe I shouldn’t say it but I found alcohol to be too cheap in this country. Their accommodation is also on the low side. So, staying here for one month will not incur too much cost. 

The Philippines 

There are beautiful sites and landscapes in the Philippines. This is a perfect place you will love if you travel around the summer period. Tip: go to the local towns and you will experience the real definition of low price. 


Cuba is turning into the best destination for travelers after past unrest. Many buildings might look old but you will not regret a minute you spend here. The cost of food is relatively cheap with warm reception. 


Someone might be thinking that Malaysia will cost too much to visit, but I tell you, this country is very cheap. The trick to enjoying this place is to visit the local market and enjoy yourself.


There are beautiful beaches you can visit here to have a good time. Aside from that, this is a place where you use your travel time to show love to the locals. Most of the nicest beaches here are clean with fresh air. A really clean country in general.


One of the selling points in this country is not even the beautiful coastline and beach, it is the culture. You will experience lovely cultural views in this country. 


Nepal is a very lovely country to visit with few dollars. You will have an excellent environment for camping and hiking. 


Even after many years, India is still where you can experience beautiful culture for just a small amount of money. Don’t be afraid to taste their local food because you will surely love it. Make it as part of your goal to travel to this nice place and enjoy yourself. 


Visit this massively developed country and enjoy cheap and quality food. Transportation here is totally subsidized to allow people to travel with little money. 


You can’t visit here without enjoying your stay. There are always many things to do here apart from enjoying cheap food. You can go fishing with local fishers or visit farms and other beautiful places. 


Try this country if you love seeing wonders of this world. Breathtaking mountain pikes and smooth roads for a great bike riding experience. 


There’s always something to do in Bolivia. The price of food is relatively cheap but accommodation is on the high side. There’s no time for rest because there are many wonders you must explore.

Czech Republic 

This country offers one of the spectacular housing designs in the world. And for your information, beer is still cheaper than water in Czech. Funny but true. Though you shouldn’t travel to this place just because of beer when there are Many other cheap things you can engage in. 


You will definitely enjoy quality tacos here, but you will also love how things are cheap. Accommodation is also cheap with nice and welcoming locals. 


The Gambia 

This small African country really has many great things to offer. Beautiful beaches, wildlife, beautiful forests and many more nice places to explore. 

Frequently asked questions 

Where is the cheapest place to travel right now? 

Vietnam and Thailand are the cheapest places to visit now. 

What are the Cheap places to travel as a teenager

Vietnam, Laos, South Africa are all great and cheap places to visit as a teenager. 


You can travel to these Cheap places with your family and have a very memorable family experience. However, you can also enjoy the wonderful landscape, food, culture, beaches, drink and other nice things alone. Prepare your bag and choose one of the places mentioned and have a very nice experience.

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