We are living in uncertain times regarding health, everywhere we hear of new illnesses, new forms of Covid-19 and other epidemics that threaten humanity. However, the truth is that we should listen to the experts, doctors who study and know what is actually happening.

And if we speak of youngsters, the situation concerns us even more, since we see a new illness appear every day and any measure of protection just doesn’t seem enough so that they do not become ill.

The paediatrician Olmo Cuarón states that the most common illness among children nowadays is related to the throat and respiratory tract due to the pollution that exists in most cities, as well as bad eating habits and other situations that are not the best for their health.

Of course, Olmo Cuarón himself states that there is nothing better than preventing, and that is why he recommends parents to follow the regular doctors’ appointments with the paediatrician to keep the vaccination scheme up to date and not miss any change in the child’s health or in their behaviour since this could be an indicator of an illness that is barely starting.

Other common ailments among minors are related with their digestive system since currently most of children’s nourishment is very bad, deficient and even, as Olmo Cuarón states, in many cases come children begin eating forbidden food at very young ages and stop consuming food with better benefits such as fruit and vegetables.

Of course, there is no prevention action that may seem to be enough when we talk about our children, this is why it is very important to seek a specialist when we see any symptom, follow the recommendations and do not medicate them without the necessary medical advice since this could only cause complications in their health.

And of course, any illness can be serious if it is not given the proper attention and if there isn’t a correct preventive care, good eating habits and vaccination according to the child’s age.

Olmo Cuarón is a doctor, specialized in children, renowned in all of Spain and people from all over the country and Europe got to him for consultation.

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