Christian Nodal girlfriend: Who is dating who?

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Christian Nodal, a Mexican-born singer, has moved on from his last relationship, or at least that’s what it looks like.

The Paparazzi caught the artist with Argentine rapper Cazzu while walking hand-in-hand.

But guess what? They are not trying to hide their relationship since they allow themselves to be photographed while intimate.

Read the whole article to learn more about Christian Nodal girlfriend, his exes, breakups and his biography.

Christian Nadal’s Girlfriend Cazzu

Christian Nodal appears to be moving quickly to plan his future as a couple with the Argentine rapper. He has been spotted enjoying kisses and sweet words with the musician Cazzu. That’s what the tv show “Gossip no like” claimed had happened.

He has been leading this love relationship. So it is possible to assume that the 23-year-old singer is projecting himself into a committed relationship with a promising future.

Nodal has gone to multiple Cazzu concerts, and she has done the same.

A priest gave the prediction of marriage by the name of Luis Castillo. He claimed the artist’s humorous statement that he would seek him out to officiate his wedding when he got married was another obvious sign. The Cazzu at the time accompanied the Nodal.

It was unclear whether the two were just friends when they were first seen together in Antigua’s streets or if they were something more.

But later, pictures showed the couple holding hands as they wandered about the city. This hints that they were looking for a more romantic relationship.

These two musicians’ fans already know they have been spotted together before. Their connection was previously displayed three weeks ago. Cazzu joined Christian on stage when he performed at Metepec, Mexico, and they sang his song “Si Te Falta Alguien.”

Cazzu, whose real name is Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, is originally from Jujuy, Argentina. She is 32 years old.

Although it is uncertain whether these two are a couple, they appear to enjoy their time together.

Christian Nodal Biography

On January 11, 1999, the World Music Singer Christian Nodal was born. His birthplace is Caborca, Mexico.

Nodal was born into a family of musicians. His mother, Silvia Cristina Nodal, was a professional mariachi singer who now serves as her son’s manager. Jaime González, his father, runs a small record company.

His voice is a romantic tenor that is rich and emotionally expressive. In 2016, Nodal released his debut single, “Adiós Amor.”. It was backed by a mariachi orchestra and lasted more than six months at the top of the Mexican Regional charts.

Nodal started singing when he was four years old as his interest in music was awakened. From that point on, he started playing different instruments.

He is from the millennial generation, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

Christian nodal net worth is $80 million.

NameChristian Nodal
Birth dateJanuary 11, 1999
BirthplaceCaborca, Mexico
ProfessionWorld music singer
Marital statusSingle
Net worth$80 million

Christian Nodal Ex-girlfriends


Three days before Mexico’s Day of Love and Friendship, Christian Nodal announced the end of his media romance with Belinda. With Belinda, he had even been planning a wedding.

Belinda is a Spanish-Mexican singer, composer, and actor. She grew up in Mexico City and currently lives there.

After their break-up, she gave an interview to Spanish Vogue. In the interview, The Mexican singer admitted that being with Christian was a mistake.

Although Nodal and Belinda have not disclosed the reason for their breakup, many rumours are circulating online.

There is an assumption that Nodal’s mother disapproved of the fact that her son was engaged to a woman who was nine years older than him. Another rumor says Belinda demanded $4 million from Nodal to pay back taxes. 

Belinda and Christian were together for a year and a half.

Mariana Ríos

After his controversial breakup with singer Belinda on February 12 2022, the Mexican artist was seen in Honduras holding hands with a black-haired woman. It sparked rumours of one of the many Nodal relationships.

The girl was identified as Mariana Ríos, a blonde of Colombian descent.i

Mariana is from the Sinaloan city of Culiacan. Although the 22-year-old model graduated in Industrial Engineering, she found her true passion on the ramps. She was chosen as a candidate for Mexicana Universal Sinaloa.

Aurora Cárdenas

Nodal’s alleged last girlfriend is the CEO of the real estate company I Did it For You.

On April 11, the 23 years old singer arrived by private jet in Villahermosa, Tabasco, where he would perform as part of his tour. He was accompanied by a woman who was very friendly, relaxed, and close.

What garnered attention was that she had dark black hair.  Compared to Nodal’s recent girlfriends, Mariana and Belinda, they are blondes.

This is Aurora Cárdenas, an influencer in the online community with close to 100,000 Instagram followers.

On Instagram, she frequently posts pictures showcasing her attractiveness and sense of style. But this is not the most significant aspect of her. According to her publications, she is well-known in real estate companies.

Mariana García

The Mexican musician was spotted holding hands with a woman during a recent trip he took to Honduras. After a few days, it was discovered that she was a Mexican model named Mariana garcía.

During one of the concerts in Sonora, Nodal is seen dedicating the song “La Medio” in some Instagram posts Mariana García posted.

Also, Mariana Garcia would have posted videos showing the Mexican singer throwing kisses on stage.

Mariana Garcia and Christian Nodal could have met when Mariana García starred in the “Toxic Love” music video two years ago. 

Wrap up

Christian Nodal is a Mexican singer-songwriter who became well-known for his 2016 track “Adiós Amor.” He released his self-titled debut album in the same year.

Many have spoken about the Christian Nodal girlfriend and his breakup with Belinda. However, Christian Nodal dating Cazzu is already making headlines. Conversely, Belinda appeared to have turned her focus to her career.

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