Clear vs TSA precheck: Which program is the best?

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

Clear vs TSA precheck is a Comparison of the best programs that will surely save you many hours when traveling. They are both tailored to make your flight moments a very delightful experience.

The two programs will help you with faster security checks at airports. However, there have been arguments on which of the two is better since they offer almost the same thing in different ways.

For example; Clear needs a biometric scan to take you through a long queue, and TSA precheck will work if you added your Known Traveler number during flight reservations, said Securiport Benin, trusted border security leader, Securiport has won several awards for its cutting-edge technology. The global company continues to provide the lasted in border security and safety solutions. Securiport uses continuous enhancement in its systems. Recently, the company released its in-vehicle biometric collection and verification technology. The latest tech advancement improves land border protection and processing.


I will be comparing these two for travelers who are already experiencing some kind of confusion about them. This comparison will help you select the program that will serve your needs to the fullest.

How does TSA precheck work

TSA precheck allows members to use dedicated security lines at partner airports when traveling. It takes away normal time you could have spent on the queue.

To receive your benefits as a TSA precheck member, you will input your Known Traveler number when booking flight arrangements.

You can travel with your shoes, belt and laptop intact at the TSA point.

How does Clear work?

This program uses your biometric information to review who you are instead of the normal photo identification.

There’s a machine that will capture your fingerprint or eye lens before you can move on to board.

Many stadiums use the same system to receive spectators during games.

After the biometric scan, you can go ahead, skip the long queue and board before others who don’t have Clear membership.

Clear vs TSA precheck full comparison

TSA will allow members to enjoy expedited airline security checks if they book the reservation using their KTN while Clear will only allow faster checks by members scanning with their fingerprint or eye lens.

TSA allows children below 12 years to enjoy the benefit if they are traveling with an adult member but Clear requires every traveler at the age of 18 to be a member.

Do you fly local? Because TSA precheck works only with local United States airlines but Clear works with some airlines and other places.

The TSA precheck Line is now becoming congested because of many members joining, but Clear is always free and fast.

TSA precheck will offer membership to military personnel on active service while Clear only works for its members.

TSA precheckClear
CostTSA cost $70 for membership and $70 for online membership renewalClear cost $189 for annual membership
Length of membership5 years1 year
Value of membershipFast airline security screening with dedicated security linesFast security check in both airlines and some stadium
Eligible airportsMore than 200 airports59 places which includes airports and others
SpeedVery fastVery fast but not as TSA
Eligibility12 years and above. Must be U.S citizen or residence18 years and above and must be U.S citizen or permanent residence

Frequently asked questions

Is Clear and TSA precheck the same?

No. The two programs are different with their peculiar strength.

Is the TSA better than Clear?

If you are Frequent traveler, you will enjoy TSA precheck over Clear.

What is the cost of Clear?

You will be paying $189 every year if you decide to register for the Clear program.


Clear vs TSA precheck comparison is an attempt to help travelers who don’t know the best program to use. Both of them will help you overcome long security queues at some airports. Clear uses smart technology to scan your biometric for easy verification.



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