The cloud file server and hybrid file server will enhance mobile server mobility and enhance employee productivity tracking software and security. If you are looking for a quick fix that can simplify remote access to file servers especially without using a VPN it is possible. The businesses can also cut the cost as migration becomes simplified and the traditional file servers can be removed. The migration and configuration strategy is also easy to understand because setting up a VPN isn’t an easy task. You will not need to have Dropbox, OneDrive or Google drive as an alternative and make file sharing easy for remote and mobile workforces.

Security or Mobility: A big challenge at work

If your workers are facing challenges at work especially when it comes to mobility or security VPN cannot work in your favor. You can get easy access to local file servers from your mobile and other remote locations. The business owners have to face security issues as they cannot give full access to the users and keep things in their control. IT administrators should let go of these complications to enhance productivity and efficiency at work.

Mobile access

If you are looking for secure file sharing and simplified remote access to file services it is easy to handle. You can use your mobile devices, PC, Macs, and browsers to have a smooth file sharing experience keeping privacy in control. There is no doubt productivity at work can enhance to a new level.

Server costs

Businesses have to spend a lot of money on replacing the servers and the costs are generally high. They can eliminate management costs of servers and VPN by using an alternative. You can also avoid headaches of data sets split-ups between internal files and other cloud solutions like Dropbox. The migration costs of files also increase while taking NTFS permission.

Self-hosted file sharing in a private cloud

All the businesses are in for a great surprise as they can take advantage of cloud economics and infrastructure keeping privacy in control. The managed service providers will offer white labeled file-sharing that can take care of their data and privacy concerns in a much better way. The public file sharing systems have a threat of data leakage and other security issues. If any hacker is trying to get their hands on the company’s confidential data it can be a cause of concern.

Data Privacy

Traditional cloud sharing solutions like Dropbox may cause privacy concerns for businesses. It can even increase the cost and the employees will try hard and understand where their data is located and how it can be managed without any threat. The threat normally comes from hackers, rival companies, foreign nationals, and even Governments.

Migration pressure

The business can avoid being forced to the cloud for the migration pressure and avoid the costs of retaining users. Some of them are already familiar with mapped drives and file locking and they can avoid the headaches caused by data sprawl.

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