Construction workers Job Opportunities are now available for Candidates who want to grow their career in that field. Moreover, construction work is literally very rewarding and can be easy to get into. 

Construction work is a manual labor type of job which requires taking part in building structures, preparing machines and other equipment. Construction workers will be responsible for testing machineries to know if they work properly, they make use of hand tools like hammer, screws, saws and chisel. In addition, they follow lay-down rules and safety protocols while preparing machines, or other work engagement. A construction worker in the United States makes around $15 per hour. However, some can make around $30 if they have more experience and skills.

Construction workers available Job Opportunities

Do you want to work as a construction worker? Then these are some of the best paying construction jobs available. You are free to send in your application to whichever one you like. 

Construction Laborers 

Ponderosa landscaping is currently looking for agile workers who would love to take up this opportunity. This company deals in building designs and has been doing that since 1979. Part of your responsibility is to weed, plant, rake, and dig. 


  • Must have experience in landscaping job before 
  • Must be in good health and physical condition 
  • Should have good attitude to work 
  • Valid driver’s license (not compulsory). 


$20 to $25 per hour 

Apply Here

Construction worker 

Defranco construction services Inc is looking for job seekers who can perform general construction works. They will have to do these; plumbing, electrical, carpentry, flooring and demolition. The company promises to offer an equal opportunity for workers who want to learn skills and grow higher in their career. You can work from Monday to Friday with availability for overtime. Also, there’s a need for a driver’s license before applying.


$20 to $40

Apply Here

Post Frame Construction laborer 

A construction company in Minnesota is looking for vibrant workers who will be responsible for installing footings, framewalls, windows, entry doors and interior doors. The company needs laborers who are willing to learn as they work with the team.


  • Must enjoy working outside 
  • Must be willing to travel even in unfavorable conditions 
  • Willing to learn with the team on the best practices 
  • Should posses a driver’s license 
  • Have 2 years of post frame work experience. 


$17 to $40 per hour 

Apply Here

Senior Construction engineer 

Dynamics ATS is a fortune 500 global engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance company in Berkeley, Canada. 

They are looking for a senior construction engineer for long-term employment. The employee will implement construction activities, supervise and coordinate the construction site. 


  • Good with written and spoken English and French languages
  • Ability to support and solve organization conflicts 
  • Ability to work with teams and adapt to rapidly changing environments 
  • Must possess basic computer and construction software skills 
  • 4 years degree in engineering. 


$65 per hour 

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Building maintenance worker 

Are you interested in working in a reputable construction company? If yes, then this is a perfect job that requires minimal qualifications. Your duty will be to repair, replace, maintain, and ensure quality practices in production lines. 

Skills and requirements 

  • Minimum of high school diploma or GED 
  • Forklift operator certification 
  • Ability to lift heavy weights 
  • Building maintenance experience 


$20 per hour 

Apply Here

Frequently asked questions 

What is the job of a construction worker? 

Different companies may require you to perform different tasks. Mostly, it involves manual labor. 

What is the highest pay in construction work? 

Your pay in this job depends on your position. Site engineers, construction managers and construction superintendents earn around $60,000 to $90,000.

Can I become rich as a construction worker

Becoming rich is dependent on how well you work on learning new skills and acquiring experience. Also, construction workers can open their own company and grow from there. 


Construction workers Job Opportunities can be very rewarding if you have certain skills and experience. Being a construction worker requires a high level of strength since it will involve handling heavy equipment. Again, the payment of a construction worker depends on their experience and other factors which includes certification and degree. 

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