With so much advancement being made in many areas in recent years and discrimination being tackled against minorities, is accessibility really even an issue anymore? In short, the answer is yes. This is not to say great strides haven’t been made in the right direction. We see a lot of changes to the world around us aimed at helping those living with a disability to have independence and to be able to do as many of the same things as possible as the rest of us are able to enjoy. But just as a lot of changes for the better have been made for the disabled, a lot of changes have been made in the world in general. Thank goodness for companies like accessiBe that are helping the accessibility world to keep up with the rest of the world. Yes, there are those who are working hard to stop accessibility from having to be a problem. How exactly are they doing this?

With the arrival of the internet came a whole new set of accessibility issues for those living with a disability. This could sound strange because it could seem that the internet is the answer to a lot of problems for disabled people. And it is true that like for all of us, the internet has improved the lives of many people with disabilities. But it can only help some people if they are able to access it in the first place. And for many of those living with a disability, this is not as easy as you would think. They can encounter a variety of problems depending on the disability they are living with.

Fortunately, there are those who have made things easier as we’ve already mentioned. Some busy little bees have created software that will get your website accessible in no time. Simply upload the software to your website and it will detect any problem areas with accessibility. It will then work to correct them for you. This is a game changer for those living with a disability, giving them the same level of access enjoyed by everyone else and helping make sure they are not discriminated against. This has also been a game changer for those owning a website. Laws in many lands now make it a legal requirement to have an accessible website but the level of work involved can cause some to delay making this the case with their own websites. However, with such a quick and easy way to do it, there really is no excuse to make sure accessibility is no longer a problem.

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