Easy Ideas to Recycle Your Old Handbags

Handbags are a part of some people’s personalities, especially when they have been using one for so long. This makes it all the harder to part with them once they’ve somewhat outlived their purpose. Don’t chuck it out just yet, you have loads of options to re-vamp or re-use them, or even sell your designer handbag to give them a second life! Let us give you some fabulous ideas so you don’t feel like your precious belonging is going to the trash.

Donate Them

You might think your handbag has served its purpose and needs to say goodbye, however, it can be perfect for somebody else looking for a cheaper alternative or simply anything that comes in handy. If your bag is in good condition, give it a proper cleaning in the laundry or wipe the surface with cleaning solutions, replace any broken zippers with new ones and they are ready to be sent off to find new homes! You can find local donation centres and thrift stores to help you with the procedures.

Sell Them

This is a great option if your bag is in good condition and/or is a high-brand handbag. The value of designer handbags increases with time passage as designs become discontinued, which makes them attractive to those who want to collect antique pieces. Simply look for any local antique stores that buy used goods or look online for auctions that do sell designer bags.

Give It a New Look

If it is just a broken zipper or a fraying bag strap, there is absolutely no reason to throw out a good, functional bag. You can find countless straps and parts of bags that will match the one you own for replacement. Some basic sewing skills and some fabric glue should do the trick, but if you doubt your crafts skills, you might want to take it to a purse repair shop. Not only does this let you use your bag to the fullest again, you have the liberty to spice up the look with different elements and make it your own! If you’re feeling bold, you can even try painting the surface with anything you like, or bomb it with gemstones and beads to give it a funky look!

Cut It Open

Maybe you just don’t feel like using the purse anymore, or you grew out of the style. Grab a pair of scissors and cut them at the seams so you can open them up. Take apart any bit you like and use it in some other project! Had pretty embroidery on the front? Stitch it onto your favourite denim jacket. The bag material was really sturdy? DIY yourself a new wallet. The sky is the limit!


The possibilities are endless, so take your pick. Give your handbag a new purpose or create your own unique look!


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