More and more consumers are shopping online. As entrepreneur Corey Shader explains, the COVID-19 pandemic increased even further the number of people who were already turning to online shopping.

In the 2020 holiday season, e-commerce sales just during the holiday season in the U.S. totaled almost $186 billion. With such a huge amount of money being spent online, it’s essential that businesses do everything they can to capitalize on e-commerce sales.

Here are some ways you can do just that this holiday season.

Make It Easy

Consumers don’t have a lot of time or patience today. They want to be able to find the products they want quickly and easily and then complete the purchase with the same amount of quickness and ease.

Businesses who want to boost e-commerce sales should optimize their online sales pages to make the product discovery and checkout processes easy.

A great idea for the holidays is to create special pages on your site that make it easy for consumers to find gifts separated by category. For example, you could create separate pages titled “Gifts for Mom,” “Gifts for Dad,” etc. Not only will this help you highlight certain products, but it could improve your webpage’s SEO too.

Make sure your website loads fast on every page. Consumers won’t stick around today waiting for things to load.

Finally, make the checkout process easy. Allow people to connect popular payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal, for instance, if possible.

Create Special Promotions

Product bundles sell very well for the holidays because they make great gifts. Creating these gift bundles can not only help you increase your e-commerce sales for the holiday season, but they could result in increased future sales.

By bundling popular products together in a complimentary gift bundle, you’ll be allowing consumers to try new products they may not have purchased before, at a discounted price — or at sample size.

These bundles make for attractive gifts, and they often result in future purchases, as well.

Provide Free and Fast Shipping

A great way to separate your e-commerce business from others is to offer free and fast shipping. There are so many similar products on the market today that people sometimes make their final purchasing decision based on which company offers free shipping in the fastest way possible.

It may be hard to believe, but free shipping could be the difference between making a sale and missing out on one.

Corey Shader explains that consumers nowadays expect free shipping, and businesses that offer it will actually see increased sales. A report from Invespcro, for instance, says that 93% of consumers will purchase more if a site provides free shipping, while 58% will increase their order total if it allows them to qualify for a free shipping offer.

Even if you can’t offer free shipping for every order, it’s a great marketing idea to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

About Corey Shader

Corey Shader is a self-made entrepreneur, consultant, investor, real estate developer, and founder of several companies, notably Insurance Pipeline. Operating primarily out of Ft. Lauderdale, Corey’s endeavors span across the nation, consulting for start-ups, and sitting on the board of digital media and senior healthcare agencies. As a consultant, Corey helps young businesses develop sales funnels and maximize profitability. Shader takes pride in challenging others to push themselves to be their very best — he believes in constant self-improvement, inspiring others through sharing his own life experiences.


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