SEO MARKETER SCAM is the scam that was booming lot because of the high penetration of the Internet over India. In this scam, they offer their courses at high prices with inferior quality content, and they make a fake standard about their course.

Many SEO experts are trying to make us fool by selling their courses and to sell the so-called premium courses they criticize some genuine courses because they are cheaper in comparison to their courses.

Many S.E.O marketers express themself as a millionaire and show their edited screenshot of earnings, bike, and cars which they have rented from any local provider or many of them even don, ‘t spend money on this, they just take pics from the parking of a mall but nowadays they have become smarter they write a special note on the bottom of the website claiming.

We don’t believe in getting rich programs and schemes most of them are fraud we believe in hard work and smart work.

Either they have all these items or not, but after buying their courses they surely manage a luxurious life for some time. By writing these types of quotes they just gain our trust.

A special quality of speaking white lie Refund Policy page as you were directed to the page by clicking the link you will get a long paragraph explaining Why the course is non-refundable? Or many people just simply type none Refundable in between the pages.

Actually, they have not made any money before this but after people like us purchase the course, they just express them as a successful digital marketer or SEO expert. Some of them express their micro-website or micro-website as an online university for learning SEO.

Just understand one point that not all are fake but the majority of the courses available on web portals are not for professional purposes. They just make you eligible to understand the basics of SEO but not make you an expert.

Don’t get fall in the reviews of fake customers or YouTube ad claiming that Buying his/her course even make 13 years child an expert in SEO the reality of these courses that they are only well for 13 years old child because no one can become expert in the field of SEO by taking any diploma courses, certification courses, online courses and there was no particular degree for SEO.

SEO is changing continuously with time and SEO is a lifelong learning process. The tips, tricks, and techniques that are working today may not work tomorrow because the search engine is a machine that is learning from several last years.

Tips to protect yourself from an SEO scam.

  1. Check their website, it should not be built on Click Funnel because most of the fraudster build theirs.
  2. Be careful if they are using services like Instamojo and razor pay because they are free.
  3. Check that did they have launched their course on any other platform or not.
  4. They have their own website or not if they have then checked the date of expiry.
  5. Try to contact some old customers who have already bought it.
  6. Whether they have launched their course on Udemy or other e-learning platforms.
  7. Follow them on social media profiles and check every post including comments, likes, shares and dislikes.

I hope that you are now more serious than before. This will increase a lot after the covid-19 pandemic era because of the economic crisis. So don’t forget to share your employed or self-employed family, friends, and relatives because they are more vulnerable to the scam.

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