Flowers that are used during special events

Flowers are the beautiful creations of the nature for spreading beauty and happiness around us. Nature has gifted us with flowers of various kinds that are used in many different occasions such as wedding, birthdays, anniversaries or cultural functions.

Although many flowers are used in for designing purposes, rose is the most common flower that is used, especially the red ones. There are special bouquets that come in the forms of forever roses or preserved roses with many real roses together.

This can be placed in a vase and will remain young and preserved forever as the name suggests if they are cared in a proper way.

Let us look at some of the other flowers that are suitable for using in different events:

  • Lilies are the most uncommon flowers and only grow in water. Furthermore, they do not need any extra care and grow by themselves. Lilies come in variety of lilies like white, pink, purple or orange in color. Lilies symbolize a sense of beauty and represents calmness as well.
  • Chrysanthemums are a rare kind of flowers that looks amazing within different floral combinations. They are mainly used for corporate events and wedding ceremonies with other kinds of flowers. These flowers are also used for gifting during events like Mother’s day.
  • Gladiolis are long-stemmed flowers that come in mostly white, yellow or orange colors. These flowers are a good selection during funerals or bereavements as they represent the mourning environment perfectly. They can also be combined with other flowers for bringing out a perfect combination.
  • Daffodils are those kinds of flowers that go with all kinds of flowers for any events. A bouquet of daffodil flowers can easily go as an alternative of rose flowers. The most common colors are in yellow and orange shades. Other colors that are available are pink, white and some shades of green as well.
  • Orchids are popular kinds of flowers that are used in birthday parties, corporate events and wedding ceremonies. Although a bunch of orchids look amazing altogether, it is a favorite choice for the brides to carry a single orchid while walking down the aisle. They come in many patterns and colors and are more expensive than any other flowers as they require a specific temperature for maintaining their growth and beauty.
  • Tulips add a unique look to your flower displays and can be the main attraction of your dining table or at a particular corner of your house. The tulips enhance the look of your place to such an extent that there is no need for any other decorations. Tulips will also act as a complementary to make your floral look more attractive.
 Flowers that are used during special events

These are some of the flowers that you can use for special events for decoration purposes. Furthermore, flowers add a natural look to your house and will make you feel as if you are in a flower garden.

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