Do you want to know about Fruit picker jobs and the Requirements to Acquire it? Fruit picker jobs are one of the unique jobs you can engage yourself with in any country and earn a massive salary. Also, you should know that picking fruits is not too soft work but it is also not a difficult job for people who want to earn a living. 

Fruit pickers engage in picking fruits from the farm and loading them to be transported to either the factory or market. Working as a fruit picker does not mean you will be working in a dirty environment since many fruit farms are under tents. Although, some of them that are situated outside are also kept clean. Foreigners who want learn about Fruit picker jobs and the Requirements to Acquire it are the favorites for this type of position. So, do well to apply at the right time to be able to get selected.

Fruit picker jobs to apply for right now 

Fruit picker at ferme GBJ Inc 

This company is looking for vibrant and energetic job seekers who can work as fruit pickers. Your job will be to pick and arrange fruits in their separate containers and put on pellets. A picker has to examine all the containers and spot any damage for removal. You will have the responsibility to ensure proper cleanliness in the place of work, and to keep records of income and other records.


  • Good verbal communication skills 
  • Must be agile with energy to work 
  • Organizations skills 
  • Must be willing to relocate 

Work schedules 

From Monday to Friday (you can also work overtime) 


$18 to $20 per hour 

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Fruit and vegetable picker at leisure farms 

Are you ready to work for a reputable farm? The leisure farm is looking for agile fruit and vegetables pickers who are ready to relocate and work in farms. 

Education: No degree, diploma, certification is required. 

Experience: 7 months experience (you can apply if you don’t have any experience). 

Work task 

  • Harvest vegetables with hands 
  • Pick orchard crops 
  • Pick vegetables and sort by size 
  • Clean the farm work area 
  • Load and offload crates of fruits, vegetables, poultry and other farm products. 

Salary: $15 per hour 

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fruit picker needed in frank hewgill enterprise 

Energetic worker who is willing to pick fruits from orchard farms should apply for this position. Hewgill enterprise is a big company that owns many farms in Canada. They prefer hiring fruit pickers from overseas countries. 


You don’t need any degree, certificates, diploma or prior experience to apply for this position. 

Work conditions 

You will work in a position that will require kneeling down, walking, bending, carrying heavy loads of fruits. 

Work schedules 

  • From Monday to Friday 
  • Freedom to work on weekends 
  • 8 hours per shift 

Salary: $15.5 per hour 

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Crop picker and crop farmer at Annapolis Valley farms 

A worker who can speak English is needed at Annapolis Valley farms to work on the farm and pick fruits. This position is for anyone who wishes to work in Canada as a fruit picker and farmer.

Education: you don’t need any sort of degree, certificates or diploma to apply for this position. 

Experience: 1 year experience or no experience at all 

Work tasks 

  • Harvesting seedlings 
  • Handling animals 
  • Mixing fertilizer 
  • Weeding 
  • Maintain farm machine 
  • Purchase machine and seeds 
  • Fruit picking 
  • Packaging fruits and vegetables. 

Salary: $20 per hour (30 hours per week) 

How to Apply 

Send your application cover letter and CV to [email protected]

Requirements to apply for Fruit picker jobs

This job type does not need any special degree before you can apply for it. Employers look for agile and energetic workers who can work under unfavorable conditions. You must have good communication skills to report and interact with your employer and team members. Some may even require workers to work with machines but the company will teach workers how to use the machines and tools.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the work of a fruit picker

You will pick fruits from orchards and farms. Also, you will be responsible for arranging fruits in sizes and shapes in a crate. 

Is fruit picking a hard job

The job requires manual Labour most of the time and the environment may not be very favorable to the workers. 


One of the most important fruit picker job requirements is to have the strength to handle heavy loads. Apart from picking fruits in the farms, you may be responsible for taking care of the trees and crops. Employers may also require that you make preparations for planting new crops.

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