Getting Your A/C Fixed: Packages, Pricing, and Reasons

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An air conditioner malfunction can be a big problem, but knowing what is available when looking for an A/C repair provides the key to getting back on track. From packages and pricing to warranties and more, here’s everything you need to know about fixing your AC unit!

Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating has everything you need for air conditioning repair in Coppell, TX. Here’s what you need to know when planning to get your cooling system fixed:

Types of Repair Packages

In terms of air conditioning repair packages, there are two types. The first is a service call package. It covers the cost for labor and basic parts to fix problems with your AC unit within ten miles from where you live or work but does not include any warranty on the repairs. This type of package typically costs more than 100 dollars, depending on the provider.

The second type of package is a warranty and maintenance package; this one includes labor, parts, and more for up to six months or so with an AC unit in your home. The cost typically ranges from 200 to 300 dollars, depending on which company you go through.

Repair Pricing

The cost of A/C repair usually depends on the type of system and severity of the issue.  And, while there are a few companies that offer free repairs for low-income families or senior citizens, most will charge somewhere around a hundred dollars for an emergency visit.

In general, air conditioner pricing starts at around 200 bucks for basic maintenance plus labor costs associated with the service call package mentioned earlier. The cost is higher for warranty and maintenance packages than the previous installation, plus any additional costs incurred during six months.

Is your A/C problem too complicated? If it is, we highly recommend calling an expert. Even if going for a DIY route can save you a lot of money, you’ll still risk dangers and might worsen your comfort system’s condition. With a qualified expert, they will ensure that your system will be back up running again.

Why You Should Call for A/C Repair

There are a few reasons why homeowners get air conditioning repair in Coppell, TX. The first is because their A/C has stopped working and needs to be replaced entirely. This service could cost you a lot, depending on the exact size and brand you need.

The second reason might be accidentally damaging the unit by spilling water or dropping something heavy nearby. In these cases, some companies will dispatch an emergency technician at no charge, while others may require payment upfront for services rendered before they make any repairs.

An additional possibility will be if your home’s wiring isn’t compatible with the system in place. While this issue can typically be fixed without too much hassle, costs related to labor plus parts needed should still be factored into the equation.

In short, there are three possible reasons why you might need air conditioning repair: malfunction, accidental damage, and wiring incompatibility issues with your system at home or work. As such, it’s significant to contemplate all of these possibilities when looking for an A/C service near you!

Don’t Hesitate to Call in an Expert for Air Conditioning Repair in Coppell, TX!

Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating offers fast and reliable solutions to your malfunctioning A/C. Their technicians are highly skilled and can help with any problem you might have.

Backed with many years of experience, the company will guarantee you will be satisfied with the service. You can call the team at 972-446-2665 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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