Any activity performed by a human needs a plan and thinking irrespective of its length or complexity. Studying, cooking, cleaning, sports or preparing a company budget all of these needs a plan. One got to allocate time, think of the dishes to be cooked, evaluate the other team’s strengths and weaknesses to set a winning plan for the game and take into account the financial situation in preparing the company budget.

All these have to be planned with thinking thereby taxing the brain. Goes the famous saying the brain never sleeps. One compelling reason to maintain a healthy mental order. Also, whilst engaged in these activities the physical parts also come into play. Hence the importance of physical well been too.  Today’s world becoming busier than ever, running short of time to achieve accomplish planned activities are becoming common.  

This means people have less time on their hands to get about with traditional ways such as walking in a park, playing ball in the square, swimming, and the like’s. Therefore, it is essential that alternate means must be found to bring in alternate ways to keep a healthy mental and physical order. And to do that a way has come about, just as what the doctor ordered. A smart Fitness app. Gymondo – the Fitness & Yoga App. Here’s a brief on this wonderful app.

Features of Gymondo Fitness App

All workouts are well thought of to cover the entire segment of the users by taking into consideration age and gender.

Home workouts are training based plans which include Yoga, light work outs extending to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). All features are designed by certified coaches in fitness and reputed scientists in sports. The motivational coaches will bring in fun and professionally guide the app members giving them relaxation with the right amount of training.  This is very important to prevent any injuries resulting in excesses. The work outs based on dancing will thrill all, especially the female fork to bits. 20 minutes sessions make just right neither been too strenuous nor too easy.

Strength training with weights is also offered to bring in optimal strengths. With personalized work out plans choose the best and most suitable workout plans just for you. With the app featuring healthy dietary recipes, will support its members to achieve their planned wellness goals.

With the smart app in your smart device indulge in the workouts 24/7 from anywhere at the most convenient time, on or offline.

With this professional fitness app giving out it’s best all of its members will look forward to those fun filled workouts impatiently. Been busy and stressed with one’s lifestyle is no problem. Just hook onto this smart app Gymondo the Fitness & Yoga App which will look after all its members mental and physical well been like no other. Don’t be surprised with been asked “Hey what’s the secret of your cool good-looking physic and been so relaxed at the time with such a busy schedule?” Gymondo for fitness!

Install Gymondo Fitness App on TV

You can install Gymondo Fitness on any Android TV box including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX S, SkyStream, Fire TV using a third-party app installer. There are many free app installers like AppLinked, FileSynced and UnLinked. All those require TV code to access app stores. For example, if you choose AppLinked you have to use AppLinked code to access AppLinked store. All those app stores are created by users all around the world. You may find many free TV shows and movies apps for free.

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