Link Building
Link Building

You may have heard people saying things like “I don’t put backlinks in my blogs, and yet it still ranks high!”. Yes, blogs can rank high without the act of link building, however, the process is much slower in terms of competition.

Link building is the process of drawing other websites to link to your site. Embedding high quality website links will gain your content authority and result in satisfying SERPs for both parties. Ranking high on SERPs is the end goal when implementing backlinks, as you can drive traffic to your website, in the hopes that they convert to leads.

How Does It Help SEO?

Search engines use the backlines you create to rank content. For example, Google still uses the PageRank formula to measure its algorithm. It’s a mathematical formula used to measure the quality and quantity of backlinks to justify how valuable the content is.

In fact, over 70% of SEO specialists will include backlinks with guest postings. Links can increase your site’s credibility and show that your domain has authority. Google prioritises the most relevant results, and if you have a number of high-quality, trusted links that all direct to your website, the more relevant Google will see you.

Now that you understand the importance of adding backlinks, let’s discuss what types of backlinks are available for you to use.

Niche Edit Backlinks

When inserting backlinks to an old blog piece, you are saving time and money in rewriting the content and optimising it for SERPs. These are called niche edit backlinks. You should find a target site that is related to your content’s niche. Domain rating and relevance should also be taken into consideration.

Relationship-Based Backlinks

This type of backlinking is a slightly adjusted form of niche edit backlinks. Such links are built by contributors, bloggers, or anyone you reach out to. If that person needs to build links with your site, they will backlink it on their content.

Guest Blogging

Guest blog backlinking process is similar to that for inserting niche edit backlinks. The only difference is that you’ll be putting backlinks in a new blog instead of a pre-existing one. However, to outreach the contributors for backlinks or sort out high-authority blogs for backlinking can be time consuming. So, if you are interested in all three types of backlinks, it may be worth paying for a link-building service. A link building service will simply identify your relevant page based on your chosen metrics. Then, it will outreach directly to sort and place an appropriate link based on your metrics and niche

Final Words

Link building is an effective way of boosting your SEO strategy and aiding your site to appear higher on SERPS. It can be used as a tool to gain you Google trust, credibility, and authority. When these are achieved, it can drive more website traffic, sales, consumers, and more. In addition, link building allows an opportunity for you to build relationships within the industry and expand your network which can benefit you in the future.

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