TSA precheck membership will give you access to dedicated security lines at some local airlines in the United States. There are over 200 airports that are eligible for this program. You will have the opportunity to run your normal security checks faster than other travelers.

Reports have it that members of TSA precheck save over five minutes of their time using the dedicated security line instead of the normal one. You also won’t have to remove your shoes and belt at the TSA points if you have TSA membership.

The membership will cost you only $78 and it will last for 5 years. Isn’t that awesome? Just $78 to enjoy faster security checks for five good years is such a wonderful deal.

How long does the TSA precheck last

The best answer is that this program will last forever because you wouldn’t want to use normal security lines, even when your membership expires, since you can renew it. But for the sake of this content, precheck lasts for five years (5) with unlimited access to the program benefits. 

Are you no longer receiving TSA precheck benefits? Maybe that’s why you seriously want to know How long this program will last. 

There are two reasons why you don’t receive your benefits again even before your membership expiration:

  • The airline is not working with TSA precheck: there are over 80 airlines working with precheck and another over 200 airports. So, if you don’t receive your normal benefits, it may be that you boarded an airline that does not work with TSA precheck
  • You didn’t input your KTN during the reservation: maybe you forgot to input your Known Traveler number at the time of booking the flight. This can happen when you are making your reservation with haste. 

Can I make my TSA precheck last longer

Your best bet is to enjoy it while your membership is still active. However, you can always renew your membership with only $70. Use it when booking a flight reservation to travel around the United States, that way, you won’t even have to wonder if the membership was beneficial. Always check your status on their website to know when your membership will expire. This will help you to keep in touch with the program and renew at the right time.

Frequently asked questions 

How long does the TSA precheck last? 

TSA membership will last for 5 years and they will also give you an opportunity to renew it afterwards. 

Do I have to register for a TSA precheck for my children

This program allows members to travel and enjoy the benefit with their less than 12 years children. 

Can I make multiple flight reservations with my KTN? 

If you are a member of TSA precheck, you have the right to make any amount of reservations you want. Make sure the airline is among those ones that are working with the program. 

Who can register for TSA precheck

Anyone who is a U.S. Citizen or a green card holder can become a member of precheck. 


Do you want to know How long the TSA precheck membership lasts? The membership lasts for 5 years with the option to renew it afterwards. 

People who have been enjoying the program always rush to renew because they want to still receive the benefits. Do you know that the time you save on airline security can be channeled at something more fruitful? That’s why nobody wants their TSA benefits to stop. 

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