How Ransomwares Are Most Catastrophic Ones In The List Of Malwares

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi
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The unlawful methods have always fancied the people possessing criminal intelligence. This is not a factor only limited to the modern world. In fact, similar cases have been observed at all times. People utilized unlawful means to sabotage the privacy of others and to harm them. This harm can be monetary or in other terms. The technological advancement of the world has also revolutionized these tools and now the tricksters are using technologically enhanced tools to carry out their desired tasks. Among these tools, the malwares are ranked at the top. The use of malwares is now getting common with every passing day. The public must be made aware of the fact that the malwares are real and some of them are more harmful than the others.

What Makes Ransomwares More Fatal Than The Other Malwares

For a person who wants to get knowledge about the malwares there are compiled lists available on the internet. So, when a person scrolls through these lists two factors hit his mind. First that the lists of malwares are getting longer over time. Secondly no matter what lists you are scrolling you will find ransomwares ranked on the top positions in the lists of the malwares. There are two different reasons for their high ranking. First of all, they are extremely effective, and their results are more positive than the others. Secondly, their deadly nature increases their productivity.

When we carry out a comparison between the ransomwares and the other deadly malwares through DNS Filtering then there is only one factor that makes them more catastrophic and that is the involvement of ransom or money. In most of the malwares the intent behind the creation was the destruction of the data or corrupting the data of an organization or a person, or limiting its pace of work but when it comes to the ransomwares such rules are not applicable at all. Because in this scenario the monetary benefit of the tricksters is involved and that makes it even more dangerous.

How The Situations Of Ransomwares Can Be Avoided

If a trickster is determined to bring harm to you then you might need some extreme security and precautionary measures to tackle the situation or otherwise a huge loss would be inevitable. Although the precautionary measures such as DNS filtering are there for a reason but most of the time, they are not strong enough to defend against the coding and programming of the hackers. But still, they are the best chance you have got. The more precautionary measures you apply more it will be difficult for the person on the other end to infiltrate your system. Hence your safety will be ensured.

What Is The Stance Of The State Regarding Ransomwares

The ransomwares fall under the category of cybercrimes and this falls under the jurisdiction of the cybercrime units of the governments. Hence the government policies in effect for combating the cyber crimes are applied on the ransomwares too. They are also treated like the other cybercrimes and in many states, several policies regarding ransomwares are passed under the resolutions of the state machinery. They are not specifically named in the cyber-crime policies of many countries. Hence, they fall under the category of general cybercrimes, and the policies or procedures applied for combating all other cybercrimes are also applied to ransomwares.

What Can Be The Consequences Of Ransomwares

The consequences of the ransomwares can make a person worry from head to toe. These consequences are extreme in their nature. Below we have mentioned some of the most important consequences of the ransomwares for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • They cause the corruption or destruction of the data of the users.
  • The user is financially exploited since the money of the user is the main target.
  • It all depends upon the person sitting behind the firewall and causing these situations. Since he can destroy the data even after getting the ransom and nothing can be done at all.


Our world is gradually becoming a cyber world and it is good that we are moving towards automation. But at the same instant, we have to worry about the new fictitious activities in play. Since the world is yet unknown to these methods and there are not some staunch policies that can help combat scenarios such as ransomwares. So, the security and precautionary measures are the only friends you have got on your side for the time being.



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