How to be a good manager in 2022? 


Ever wondered about the core values, one needs to have to be a good manager? 

Or else, how can acquiring leadership skills in 2022 can help you mould your personality as a manager? 

If you think so, you have reached the right destination.

Leadership management in 2022 calls for managers, who remain optimistic and can effectively communicate their goals with the team. It demands aspiring managers, who can create workplaces for the people to succeed and prosper. Yes, a perfect definition of being a great manager might vary, but they need to be great strategists, who can identify the barriers and break them down. One who values their team’s efforts, without competing against them. Yet, the list is neverending.

So, let us shift our gaze and focus on how one can be a great manager in the next section. 

4 things you need to keep in mind, to be a great manager in 2022

Let us closely look at how managership in 2022 can help you succeed in the right possible ways-  

Communicate Your Goals

 A hypothetical situation – Imagine, you are a member of a team, whose manager conducts weekly conferences, and sets up a pitch meeting, to discuss the best ways to conclude, collectively. Not only does he forge engaging discussions, but listens to his team effectively, without turning a blind eye to them.

Now, do you think you were able to picture an image of a good manager? 

I hope you have. 

 A good manager is a great team player, who not only pushes you to pursue your business goals but makes sure you know what you strive for while keeping everyone in the loop. In addition, it is often misunderstood how managers are the only ones who cultivate long-term goals to align with the company’s objective. Regardless, communication is more like a two-way thing, where you actively listen, ask questions, encourage discussions and then arrive at a conclusion. The more you discuss the shared goals with your team, the less will be the chances for any confusion. Hence, before being a manager, be a good communicator. 

As a manager, keep these things in mind-

  • Be an active and patient listener.
  • Remain attentive.
  • Encourage your team.
  • Preach empathy.
  • Be creative and strategic.

Set An Example

A hypothetical situation- Prashant, is a manager of the sales team, who is a great speaker and is quite eloquent in giving inspirational speeches. However, he does not believe in what he says and does the exact opposite. It is through his facade that he manages to trick his employees in front of the bosses. On the contrary, he expects his team to consider him a role model when he is the one, who does not fulfil up to what he claims himself to be. 

Now, do you think he does the right thing?  

I guess you know the answer. 

Undeniably, some managers are good with words and talk big, instead of embodying the entitled position. On the contrary, they should create an organisational culture, which encourages its employees and fosters their growth. Moreover, a manager should move beyond the realms of talking and demonstrate to their team the power of leading by being empathetic and supportive. In management, communication is important, and so is having supportive behaviour, which inspires the entire team to succeed. For a manager to set an example, one has to be an example, who not only embraces their team’s efforts but guides them in the best possible ways.  After all,  we rise by lifting others. 

As a manager, keep these things in mind-

  • Listen to your team.
  • As a manager, take the responsibility
  • Manifest what you believe.
  • Motivate others.

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Recognise Contribution

A hypothetical situation– Akash is the Human Resources manager, who has a team of 5 employees. He is a friendly and thoughtful manager, who supervises his team and guides them accordingly. Sooner, he comes across one of his team members, who performs well by hiring top potential candidates for the required remote positions. Upon knowing this, he publicly applauds his efforts and offers personalised perks as well. As a manager, he does not envy his accomplishments nor does he play competitive games. Instead, he supports him and praises the entire team to celebrate this small victory, through a lunch party in the office.  

Now, don’t you think, every manager should be like Akash? 

Give it a thought. 

Great managers indeed have a way with their teams, as no one else does. They cheer you up and applaud you for your noteworthy contributions, whether small or big. Besides giving substantial rewards like salary increments, or gift cards. A word of appreciation can make your team feel motivated and valued. Moreover, recognising your team’s efforts will surely translate their efforts and bring in productivity, while benefiting the organisation at large. Make sure you praise your co-workers and recognise all their contributions, whenever felt necessary. Once you preach this, the efforts put in by your team will be huge and can help them in the long run. 

As a manager, keep these things in mind-

  • Express appreciation for a completed task.
  • Make employee contributions public.
  • Be honest, when it comes to recognising the efforts of your team.
  • Do not forget to reward your team, whenever felt necessary. 

Delegate Tasks Effectively 

A hypothetical situation – Kenneth is an employee of a company named Google. He is a manager and leads the accounts team. In doing so, he does not embrace the process of delegation of work but thrusts the employee with the task with no proper guidance. Now, one of his fellow team members works for longer hours than other people in his circuit. This way, the team’s coordination is hampered and is affected. 

Now, do you think, is there any solution to this recurring problem? 

I bet you do.

Let us read to know more. 

A manager knows the importance of having a skilled team with high potential in its field. They understand their job roles well enough, because of the responsibilities that come with them. As a supervisor, one should delegate the tasks among the team with utmost clarity and transparency, without faltering in any regard. Make it your goal to allow your team to undertake the responsibility, without overburdening them.  However, the process of entrusting someone with a task needs to be effective. For instance, you should give them proper guidance on your expectations or goals to be achieved. Give birth to clear communication on what is to be done and how. In addition, do not hover on your teammates with truckloads of work. Make delegation of work a smooth process. Hence, distribute equal work among all, without overwhelming them with so much. 

As a manager, keep these things in mind-

  • Provide guidance and explain why you are delegating.
  • Provide a set of instructions.
  • Communicate your expectations.
  • Allow them to take responsibility for a certain task, instead of forcing them with the entrusted duty. 


We conclude that managers should be great leaders, who make the organisational culture a welcoming space for all its employees. He/she should establish a holistic environment and make their team feel motivated and appreciated. Most importantly, one should remain accountable to its co-workers and allow them to be the owners of their decisions. Do not put managerial pressure and let your team be given the opportunity to grow. In addition, help them succeed and applaud their efforts when felt necessary. Hence, be a role model for your team and lead by example.

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