Do you want to know How to become a Disney travel agent? Then grab a cup of coffee as I take you through the guidelines of becoming a good one. 

The work of a travel agent is one of the best and diverse career paths I have seen out there. 

A Disneyland travel agent will have to work with registered agencies under Disney. Their work is to sell travel and vacations packages to travelers who are longing to see the wonders of Disneyland. 

You will be communicating with people and other agencies as that’s part of your work. 

Disneyland travel agents are one of the most paid agents in the world. Do you know that some of them earn above $200 for selling one travel package of $2,500? Yes, and even above that amount. 

Can you even imagine your profit if you sell 10 travel packages in one week? Do the calculations and you will notice that this is a goldmine. 

How to become a Disney travel agent

Becoming a Disneyland travel agent is not like other agent jobs. Here, you need to have adequate training to be able to sell Disney packages to travelers the right way. 

I will show you how to get everything you need to become a travel agent for Disneyland. 

  • Step one: You need to register for Disney agents training program where you will learn how to become a real travel agent. This program is also part of the Disney college of knowledge. This is where you get to learn directions in the environment, how to speak, and how to identify some of the most valuable assets in the arena. 
  • Step two: get your certification as a travel agent. You may even have to do this before going to the Disney training. However, this certificate and its accompanying cost vary based on what you want and the fee you want to pay. 
  • Step three: begin making sales. After the training, every agent will start selling Disneyland travel packages to clients. Here, you make less money but as you grow up with more experience in selling, the amount you stand to make is unlimited. 

Benefits of becoming a Disney travel agent 

Apart from all the money you will earn on your sales, you will get many other benefits as an agent promoting Disney products. 

  • You will receive discounts on your travels, suits and cruise as an agent. 
  • You will have the most flexibility at work with access to working from home. 
  • You will earn extra commission on certain sales and bonus if you sell certain packages. 

How to earn more money as a Disney travel agent 

You will have offers that give massive bonuses when you finally become the best seller. You can take multiple methods to market your offers on social media to gain more clients. 

There are gifts which you may even sell back to travelers. Some gifts from Disney which you won’t use can be sold. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who can become a Disney travel agent

Anyone who has travel agent certificates and loves the kind of adventure Disney offers. 

How much can I make as a Disney travel agent

What you can earn depends on how well you are selling. If you sell very well, then there’s no limit to what you can earn. 


If you want to know How to become a Disney travel agent, it shows your love for Disneyland. There’s massive benefits for agents who work for Disney. The commission you will earn depends on the number of packages you can sell. Also, these jobs will give you the opportunity to work from home. 

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