Do you want to know How to become a travel nurse and experience the best work and travel life, or do you just need a very flexible job that will allow you to work in your chosen location? I will show you how to become a travel nurse with a very clear step-by-step guide you can follow. 

Travel nurses work in any kind of setting, be it residential, Company, hospital or Camps. Their profession also gives them the opportunity to specialize in one major or become a general nurse. The specialist nurses make more money than general nurses in some cases but they all have equal opportunity to earn high. 

Is a travel nurse career worth it? 

Before I show you how to become a travel nurse, you need to make the hard decision of pursuing a career in this area. Do you wish to work for independent companies that hire nurses? Do you wish to face the most challenging work situation? Are you ready to travel frequently? If your answers are affirmative then it means you are ready for this profession. 

Since you will be saving lives and accepting to work in places with nurse shortages, the profession is worth it. Also, the salary of a travel nurse is encouraging, adding to many other benefits you will receive which includes; free accommodation, insurance, free trips and travel allowance. 

How to become a travel Nurse 

There is a major license you need to acquire before you can become a travel nurse. The best way is to go for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This certificate will give you more opportunity than others. 

Take the route of bachelor of science in nursing. (BSN) which will take you 4 years to complete. Another study route is through an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) which is the shortest way to becoming a BSN for those who lack diploma certification. 

Having a degree in nursing science means you already have good knowledge of some science subjects. This will help your pursuit if you have a good high school diploma and want to go for BSN. However, when you have your bachelor of science in nursing, move to the next step.

  • Get a pass in NCLEX exams 

This computer base test is the requirement for those who want to get an RN license. This long test will have questions that cover areas like, patients communication and education, legal, treatment conditions, health care rules and others. You also need to gain sufficient experience as you now work towards becoming a real travel nurse.

  • Work to gain experience 

This stage is very important as you need to work in a good hospital that will help you learn more practicals. 

Advanced Cardiac life support (ACLS) and basic life support (BLS) are some of the licenses you need to acquire while working. 

Furthermore, if you desire to get Specialization and not a general travel nurse, you must work to acquire relevant certifications. ICU, surgical, pediatrics, neonatal are some of the Specializations you can pursue.

  • Pursue compact nursing license 

Though you are a registered nurse in your state, you need this license to be able to work in other states.

  • Look for a nursing agency 

Since you now have your certification and proper experience, you can now look for an agency that hires travel nurses. From here you can now travel from state to state offering your services as a travel nurse. 

Frequently asked questions 

How much does a travel nurse make

Some travel nurses who work in states that pay well earn around $50 per hour. 

Is it hard to become a travel nurse? 

The process involves getting your bachelor of science in nursing, then going ahead to obtain a RN license, then you can become a travel nurse after two years of experience. 


Those who want to know How to become a Travel Nurse must be ready to travel frequently since it’s part of the work. You won’t be confined in one place as a travel nurse. Also remember that there are massive benefits aside the huge salary they earn.

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