How to check your mobile has been hacked?

According to a report by BBC 1 Billion smartphones under the threat of getting hacked. Google’s own data suggest that 42.1% of Android users worldwide are on version 6.0 of its operating system or below.

According to the Android security bulletin, there were no security patches issued for the Android system in 2019 for versions below 7.0

So, now the question arrives on how to check our mobile it is normal or hacked by someone.

1. Your phone reboots itself:

This very common sign seen in hacked devices yet it also happens when your mobile goes run out of RAM or you have rooted your mobile by some 3rd party app.

2. Check For Random Unwanted App Installs:

If you see this after a sudden reboot or power off, that means your device might get hacked but if your mobile is rooted by any 3rd party app then there is exceptional.

3. Unusually High Internet Data Usage

This is very solid proof if you see a sudden rise in internet data consumption in your device that means your mobile has been hacked by someone. To conform check internet data consumption statistics there. This happens when your mobile is infected by any spyware it consumes mobile data in the background.

4. Apps And Phone Keep On Crashing

This happens when a spyware app runs in the background and consumes a lot of RAM and storage. It also prevents you to open some particular apps.

5. Poor Battery Life Or Extreme Battery Usage.

If any spyware or malware has been injected in your mobile then this will definitely happen. ( Exception in background downloading )

6. Sending SMS Or Making Call Without Your Consent.

This is huge evidence that your phone has been hijacked by someone. Receiving anonymous SMS and calls from foreign countries is a signal that you are a target of hackers.

Background Noise.

This happens very rarely but this means your device has been hacked by someone yet, it is possible that it may be the background music also.

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