How to do a dumbbell row

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The dumbbell row is a mainstay of strength training, and are you sure you’re even doing the exercise correctly? It will the best if you didn’t settle for anything other than perfect form for this basic gym necessity, mainly because it’s such a simple, essential movement when done correctly. Fitness experts guide you through the exercise’s subtleties, saving you from the bad habits that keep you from unlocking your fitness potential.

ways to perform Dumbell rows

That’s going to be a one-arm dumbbell row, and it’s going to target our lats, our rear delts, our rhomboids, our biceps, our forearms, so tons of muscles in this. And this is what I would call a prime exercise. So these are one of the exercises that if you’re looking to add.

Benefits of Dumbell row

  1. Dumbbell Rows are the ultimate workout for resolving muscle and strength imbalances on both sides of the body.

Because everyone has some asymmetry, balancing all body planes is essential for a successful strength training program.

Working one side at a time ensures that you always know how much that side can lift without worrying if your body is compensating.

  1. It enhances your attractiveness! 

Dumbell row leads to creating the desired V-Form torso in males and the Hourglass shape in ladies. I’d be negligent if I didn’t remark how good it looks to have toned back muscles.

Strengthening the forces targeted by the DB Row improves both men’s and women’s looks (and indications of ability).

Improving stamina and strength

Helps to increase your strength and boost stamina muscles building is the best way to be fit and look sexy.


The tiniest alterations have a tremendous influence here!

This variant maintains your hips level and decreases the chances of tension diverting from your biceps and lats to your spine or hips.


  1. Start by standing approximately two feet away from a bench rather than putting a knee on it.

Hinge your hips back like a Romanian deadlift, but to the back wall.

  1. With one hand, reach forward and place it firmly on the bench.

Roll your shoulder forward until it is piled over your palm.

  1. You’ve cleverly positioned a dumbbell directly under you and will now dip down to take it up if you’re not already carrying one.
  2. Re-stack your shoulder – very slightly bend the elbow of the planted arm. Dial the elbow of your buried arm back to point toward your feet.
  3. Take hold of the bench as if you’re Spiderman and pull it towards you.

The goal is to activate the lats on the stabilizing side, not to move the court.

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