How to gain traffic on your blog

The most crucial thing in online career traffic. A blog or website without traffic is dead. Here are the tips to gain traffic on your blog or website

Participating in Question Answer Websites

I personally love this method to drive traffic on any blog, so I am covering very first. You can head over to and search for your topic. Once you find some nice questions on the site, you can join that thread and start writing your answer.

The reason I love Q&A sites is that they are very targeted. If anyone is asking any question on such sites, that means he is looking at the solution to something. Once you help that person with your answer, your answer gets visibility on that platform and people start visiting your site for more information on that topic.
Pro Tip: You can smartly insert your blog posts link while typing answers.

Precaution: Don’t insert your link every time, otherwise Quora will disable your account for spamming too much.
You can do this same practice on many question-answer websites. Just go to Google and search for question-answer websites.

Social Media

There are 2 billion people on Facebook right now. 28% of people in the world (there are 7 billion people on earth). This number is HUGEEEEE. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. This means that your potential readers are hanging out with their family and friends on Facebook.

You can search for some good groups by typing your main keyword in the Facebook search box.
Once you find those active groups, send them a request to join the group (most of the good groups are closed group so you need to request the group admin for approval before joining).
Start participating in various discussions and help them by inserting your blog post links.


SEO aka Search Engine Optimization.
In short – Optimizing your blog posts in such a way that you start getting ranking in search engines and ultimately start driving traffic to your blog. There are two types of SEO
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO:

This is the SEO which you do when you write your blog posts. As we do this SEO on the post we are writing on our blog, so this is called On-Page SEO. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind for doing an effective On-Page SEO. Your title must have the keyword which you want to rank your URL slug must have that keyword. Keyword should in the meta description and meta title Keyword in the alt tag of images
The keyword should repeat 4-5 times in a blog post has 1000 words. Once you do these things on your blog posts, your posts are now optimized for search engines.

Off-Page SEO:

This is the SEO which we do for our blog to rank in Google. This includes making some backlinks for your blog.
Let’s understand a backlink first. A backlink is a link that you get from other blogs. This is a kind of endorsement which Google gives to your blog. This means that if someone is linking your blog to his blog, that means that your blog is a good blog. More the backlinks = Strongest the Off-Page SEO of your blog.
You can make backlinks from article submission sites, web 2.0 sites, writing comments on other blogs, submitting your site in directories, and writing guest posts on other blogs.

Guest posting

This is one of the legit ways to give strength to your blog and get traffic from other high authority blogs.
This is a practice of writing awesome blog posts on other good blogs? You must be asking, “why would anyone write an epic blog post on other blogs?” Here is the answer.
We kill many birds by writing blog posts.
We start getting traffic from other blogs.
We get quality backlinks
We build our authority
We make strong connections with other bloggers

These are some of the starting methods which you can adopt to bring some visitors to your blog. Once you start seeing some success with the methods mentioned above, you can start looking for more methods to drive traffic.
Start working on them and get some traffic on your blogs.

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