Choose the location of an unoccupied property

There are a wide variety of unoccupied properties in various lands, even if they are generally called “unoccupied properties”. Choosing land that suits the target audience of the stores you open, not just ramen shops, is the key to making it a prosperous store. This is because by analyzing a large number of customers in the area, we can provide the ramen that the customer wants, so we can naturally become a “ramen shop that is sought after by the local people”.

For example, as I said earlier, the best flow is to decide on the customers you want to come to the store, such as families, students, office ladies, and businessmen, then decide on the place to open and select the unoccupied property.

If you do not decide the target customer base of the ラーメン店を開くto open from now on, but decide the ramen you want to make or provide, then search for a property and open it, the speed to so-called “early closure” maybe faster. So please be careful. The menu is also important, and it is important to think carefully and make a plan, but the first is to go to the place where you have decided to open or plan to open, and 10 to 20 ramen around it. Go around the shop,

What kind of ramen shops are thriving?

What is the reason for the prosperity?

What do the less prosperous ramen shops have in common?

Is this the menu or service you want to capture?

By researching such things and deciding on the menu, it is possible to make the store a place where customers will not be interrupted even after the store opens. If there are not 20 ramen shops around the area to open, we will expand the scope of research to neighboring prefectures and cities and research all the shops to reduce the risk of failure.

Knowing this before the opening of the business and knowing it after the opening of the business will make a big difference in terms of management and mental impact.

Before I think “I’m done!” After opening, I recommend that those who open it research the stores in the same industry in the vicinity that will open with the goal of 20. This is one of the keys to successful location selection, so please do it one by one without cutting corners.

Also, if you don’t know what to do about this, I also support where I can support for free, so please join the online individual consultation meeting. If you start a business with debt and go bankrupt, nothing remains. When I opened a ramen shop by myself, I also shared that point because I had terrible pain as a result of not neglecting the above points. Please participate in the online individual consultation meeting and use it as a reference for ラーメン店を開くthat will not fail.


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