How to Promote Your Online Store: Marketing Strategies to Build a Robust Ecommerce Channel

Among the significant trends that have marked us in recent years, one phenomenon stands out above all: the presence of the Internet in our daily routine. Millions of users access the digital environment every day, and several times a day, to get information, interact, work or benefit from an offer. From the commercial point of view, this impressive expansion is reflected in the very high numbers of consumers who use electronic commerce ブランドコスメto purchase products without leaving their homesFrom air tickets, clothes of all kinds of shoes for all ages, tickets for shows, appliances, and cultural products such as records or books, to filling the supermarket’s change. If you have an eCommerce and want to stand out from the beginning, use this marketing guide for your online stores, and you will get visitors to know, value, and choose your virtual business.

If you are still in the embryonic phase of this new commitment, you need to know that there are various online business models. More precisely, four:

Own online store: It creates a web page to sell products or services directly. An online store never closes but works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows you to include the entire product catalog with detailed information, photographs, and contact information. You can easily manage and control the company’s orders, stock, and invoicing through it. And if you also invest in web analytics, you will be able to get to know your customers better based on their purchasing habits and preferences. Of course, this model must have the necessary technical and economic resources to create an attractive eCommerce that allows you to reach the most significant possible number of clients and works in an agile and safe way to generate trust .

In this sense, at Christian Dior, we can advise you not only to put your store online but also that customer service, reliability, and speed in the shipping processes are aspects taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Marketplaces: These trading platforms connect buyers and sellers from all over the world. They are the online version of the large shopping malls, where we can find stores dedicated to selling all kinds of items and enjoying a large influx of people. For a fee for its presence on the platform and a commission for each transaction, your brand can opt for this model and get easy access to customers with guaranteed traffic, reducing online advertising costs to gain visibility.

Flash Sales: The fast sales model is carried out through platforms that channel online offers and promotions that are only available for a period and apply great discounts on new products and services to attract customers. The challenge that can be presented to you later is how to retain customers once your offer expires, needing a Marketing strategy for your online store that is comprehensive and with long-term projection.

Dropshipping: This is one of the models growing the most in the eCommerce environment and consists of opening an online store to sell products manufactured, stored, and distributed by other providers. In this drop shipment model, the supplier delivers the product to customers and handles possible returns, while your brand is responsible for customer service and billing.


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