How women can earn money online

There are many ways in which I have mentioned the best ways by which you can earn a decent amount of money. I’m not including an old school career that already had cut-throat competition like blogging.


This is the best way for any woman to earn money online without any investment is by sitting on a chair. In this, you can also earn by hiding your face, and you only have to do just a couple of things like masturbation using some toys used during sexual intercourse sometimes might get naked in front of the camera.

Making Sex Videos

I know this is a very bad idea to earn money if your identity gets leaked but here you can make videos with your husband or boyfriend. Here you can also make your faces blur by using some editing apps.
You can also sell these videos by which you can make money and even some websites give a commission for these videos.

Become A Escort

Yes, this is a very bad idea for any married woman to hang with other men, but it is good for any single woman instead of wasting so much time hanging with boys to get a boyfriend. You can also earn by becoming a dance partner, fake girlfriend, fake wife, and creating sugar babies.


Here is the bondage of wages and it is a high competition industry. It is very bad idea but it is better than sleeping with your boyfriend and his friend’s then-new boyfriend and his friends. So, if you are above 18 you can easily make $95 to $200 per customer till 30s but if you become a professional prostitute then you can charge also $1000 to $2000 from a client. You can also make videos to earn extra. ( Note:- It might be illegal in your country but in India it is legal. )

Sex Toys influencers

You can become an influencer to teach them about sex toys. Giving tutorials on new sex toys, by making them aware of new products and reviewing new technological toys.


You can become a model and can earn a great amount of money. Modeling for women’s clothes and other products of women like sex toys.

Relationship Advisor

This is a new career in this you can also work as a freelancer or a part-time job and can earn a side income. The service you can also give on social media, video conferencing, and phone calls. This career can also help many boys to get a girlfriend. You can also make videos and upload it on YouTube to earn a decent amount of money and you can write blogs to earn extra.

Selling Images

You can sell your images by going modeling, and you can earn by selling your naked images.

Dance Teacher

This the best career for any woman whether she is married or unmarried. You can also teach it offline if you want to earn more than a decent income. This career can be taken to the next level. If you are a certified dancer. This career is mostly famous in South-Asian countries, but in some religions dancing of a woman is considered as taboo.

Online Grooming Classes

You can start your grooming classes to groom Peoples for this you may need a bachelor’s degree or diploma but you can also take an online degree from educational portals.

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