It is not that hard to change your Twitch username. The process itself is simple, but you have to consider the consequences that come with changing your Twitch username. You will have a different URL which might mean losing a few followers.
If you have a large following, you probably want to consider only changing your display name.
Here is more:

The Consequences of Changing your Twitch Username

  • Your present URL will not link to your new Twitch name. Your followers will not easily find you and you will have to share the new URL to help them locate your streams.
  • Your revenue will not suffer, but your ad revenue from that day only will be delayed.
  • Once you change your Twitch Username, you have to wait 60 days before you try to change it again. Twitch does not allow users to change twitch usernames more than once in two months.
  • If you were under any bans or timeouts, you will not escape them by changing your usernames.
  • In six months, Twitch will offer your old username to other users. Getting it back might not be a possibility.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing your Twitch Username Using a Desktop Browser

  • Visit the Twitch Website
  • Go to the top-right corner on the screen, find the profile icon, and click on it. If you have not logged in, log into your account.
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Profile tab and go to Profile Settings. Go to your username and select the pencil icon on its right.
  • Type your desired username into the pop-up window.
  • Type in your password and Confirm.
  • You need a verified email to change your Twitch Username successfully. If you do not have one, you will have to get it verified first before you go on with changing your Username.

Changing your Twitch Username using a Desktop App

  • Go to the Twitch app on your Computer
  • Log into your profile by clicking on the profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and following prompts.
  • Click on Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Profile Settings under Profile, and select the profile icon next to your username. The desktop app’s interface is similar to the Twitch website.
  • Type your new username into the pop-up window and click on Update.

Changing your Twitch Username on Mobile

It is not possible to use the Twitch app to change Usernames. This applies to both Android and iPhone apps.
You will have to open the Twitch website using your mobile browser. Tap the three dots icon, request desktop site, and follow the procedure that you would on a Desktop browser.
If your web browser is Chrome, you will find the three Dots on the bottom-right.

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