Do you want to know Iceland visa requirements for Africans? Then continue reading as I reveal to you the best approach to secure an Iceland visa from your African country. Remember that you have the freedom to visit Iceland if you possess the schengen visa. However, this article will be more focused on Africans who don’t have the schengen visa and still desire to visit Iceland. 

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and two thirds of the country’s population reside here. One more fact about Iceland is that there’s no mosquitoes here. In general, Iceland is not a popular destination for travelers from Africa but after 2001, many travelers, tourists and students now travel to this sparsely populated country.

Iceland visa requirements for Africans 

These are some of many documents and requirements you must meet if you want to apply for an Iceland visa from Africa. The requirements here depend on your visa type. 

Valid international passport: this passport must have at least 6 months validity and at least two empty pages. 

Two passport photographs: remember that Iceland only accepts identical photographs that follow the basic rules. 

Application form: this form must be completely filled out by the applicant after downloading it. 

Valid travel insurance: this document is essential when traveling to any Schengen country. Also, this insurance must be able to cover at least €30,000. 

Proof of Social status: this document category includes your birth certificate, marriage certificates, death certificate, children birth certificate. 

Proof of fund: Iceland visa for Africans requires travelers to show bank documents to prove their ability to finance their stay in the country. Remember you need a minimum of €29 for each day you spend in this country. This is in addition to funds you need for other purposes. 

Cover letter: this letter should explain in detail the reason for your planned visit to Iceland from your Country in Africa. 

Leave permission: this document applies only when you are employed. A document that shows your employer is aware of your travel. 

Admission letter: you only need this document if you want to study in Iceland. 

Medical report: a medical report from a reputable hospital in your country. (depends on visa type). 

How to Apply for Iceland visa for Africans

  • Step 1: Provide all the documents. There are some important documents you need to provide before going ahead to apply. Also, use this link to fill out the form. 
  • Step 2: Submit your application at any Iceland visa center in your country. However, some African countries may not have an Iceland embassy or consulate but may have representatives. 
  • Step 3: Track your visa: you need to start tracking your visa application at this level to know the status
  • Step 4: retrieve your passport: after the embassy has made decisions on your application, you then go ahead to receive your passport. 

You will either get the visa or a denial. In most cases, they will point out what is wrong and you may have the opportunity to fix it and apply again. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is an Iceland visa easy to get for Africans? 

If you acquire all the requirements documents then getting a visa to Iceland won’t be difficult. 

Can I visit Iceland with a schengen visa? 

Yes. Iceland is part of schengen. So, you can visit the country with a schengen visa. 

Where’s the Iceland embassy in Nigeria

There’s no Iceland embassy in the whole of Nigeria. Travelers who wish to visit the country have to submit their application with the Norway embassy or use VFS Global office in Nigeria to process their visa. 


An Iceland visa for Africans is available for travelers who wish to visit this country for business, vacation, studies or cultural events. However, some African countries don’t have an Iceland embassy. So, they have to use a VFS Global visa representative to process visas. 

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