Israel and Conflicts
Israel and Conflicts

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for decades. In another war, they occupied East Jerusalem along with the West Bank Indian Golan Heights as well most recently captured territory from Syria in 1967 after that country’s annexation by France following World War II ended up being allowed only Gaza Strip which today houses approximately 2 million people who are descendants Of Palestinian Refugees while also living next door neighbors Jordanians Syrian & Lebanese citizens but nowhere near home–their dream remains unfulfilled despite all these efforts put forth.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been going on for decades. The West Bank is still occupied by Israelis, though they’ve pulled out of Gaza so far as UN recognizes it remainsoccupied territory despite no longer being under military rule there; Jerusalem serves both states as capital cities with Palestinian refusing to recognize any Israeli control over what should be their holy site (the Jews had previously owned properties adjacent which were later bought back during peace negotiations); US was one only handful countries until recently when number grew after Donald Trump became President–now he too has his own ambassador appointed.

For years, the Israel-Palestinian conflict has been one of many conflicts in which both sides take part. This time however there is an added factor: The settlements that have been built by Jews on Palestinian land claim to be their legal property even though it’s against international law and all reasonableness whatsoever!

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been going on for decades. It’s often high tension, with many instances of violence breaking out between them both in Jerusalem as well as other areas such Gaza where Hamas rules through coercion instead diplomacy because they are a militant group that fighting against everyone who doesn’t agree with their radical beliefs which includes Jews but also Christians too! The Israelis have rules tight security around this area called “The Buffer Zone” so no weapons can get into place unless you’re willing do work together first before taking any measures internally among your own people.

The threatened eviction of some Palestinian families in East Jerusalem has also caused rising anger.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one that has been going on for decades. This difficult issue cannot be solved with just negotiations alone, as there are so many points of disagreement between the two sides: what should happen to Palestinian refugees? Should Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank remain or go through With no agreement reached yet about how these crucial matters will eventually figure out themselves without being decided now by any single solution imposed from above; whether a potential peace deal would include some sort – maybe even.

The so-called ‘deal of the century’ was nothing more than an empty promise to Palestinians, who have been treated as second class citizens by Israel for decades.

The recent violence in May was not just another Middle Eastern conflict. It’s been four years since the last big war, and both sides are again claiming victory for their side with no resolution or peace deal coming soon enough to stop what seems inevitable now – another round of fighting between them that will most likely lead back into cycles like this one did before it ended finally after so many decades long battles.

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