Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians who wish to visit this country for either tourism, work, study, or migration may stretch from passport to other documents. In general, travelers from Nigeria need to provide different types of documents before getting an Israel visa. What purpose are you visiting Israel for? Knowing the answer to this question will help you prepare all the important documents for this trip.

Even though Israel has some security issues, it did not affect the number of tourists that visit this country each year. Do you know that Israel made about $5 billion dollars between the year 2000 to 2010 through tourism? That’s to show you how people from other countries love traveling to this country.

Israel Visa for Nigerians 

Nigerians need a visa to visit Israel. What type of visa? Well, the visa you need when visiting this country depends on your main goal. If you plan to visit and stay here for about 90 days then you must apply for a tourist visa. Apart from that, there are many other visa types Nigerians can make use of while visiting Israel. 

  • Student visa 
  • Clergy visa 
  • Spousal visa 
  • Immigration visa
  • Work visa

Israel Students visa requirements for Nigerians 

Students who wish to study in Israel must meet these minimum requirements before they can be granted a visa. 

  • Valid international passport with at least, 6 months validity 
  • Original copy of birth certificates 
  • Copy of filled visa application form
  • Consent from parent or guardian (of you are a minor) 
  • Admission letter from the school you intend to study in 
  • Study and research plan. 

Requirements for Israel work visa for Nigerians 

These are the documents you need to present if you wish to obtain an Israel work visa from Nigeria. Applicants must present all these requirements to avoid visa denial. 

  • Valid international passport 
  • Filled visa application form 
  • Two colored passport photographs 
  • Work contract with an Israel company that has been signed 
  • Police clearance reports 
  • Proof of biometrics 
  • Medical report (applicants must be in good health). 

Israel Tourist visa requirements for Nigerians 

Do you want to take a tour of Israel? Then you must meet all these visa requirements for a tourist visa. 

  • A valid International passport with at least 6 months validity 
  • Recent two passport photographs 
  • Proof of residence ( applies to those who are applying from another country) 
  • Flight itinerary (must be valid and should be a copy of departure and arrival dates) 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Letter from employer (a signed letter from your employer indicating your travel details, and this letter must contain company address and contact details). 

How to Apply for Israel Visa from Nigeria 

Follow this simple guide to apply for an Israel visa. 

  • Step 1: open the Nigeria Israel embassy website and download the forms for your visa type. 
  • Step 2: Fill all the forms, send them to [email protected] and schedule appointments. 
  • Step 3: after sending the forms, you will receive an email notifying you of the date and time for your visa interview. 
  • Step 4: compile all the necessary documents you need for the particular visa you applied for. Also, remember to add hotel reservations if there’s no one inviting you to Israel. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is Israel Visa free for Nigerians

No. You must obtain a visa before you can visit Israel. 

Can I work in Israel with a tourist visa

No. Tourist visas do not allow travelers to engage in paid work of any type. 

What are Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians? 

You need to have your international passport, passport photograph, itinerary, proof of funds, insurance, medical reports and many other requirements depending on your visa type. 


Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians totally depends on your travel plans to Israel. Students may need different requirements and documents since they will study in the country. Tourists will also have to present different visa types, and their visa is only valid for 90 days. 

Temporary work visa requires an employment letter, medical reports and others. 

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