iTop VPN (free): download, reviews, Android version

iTop VPN is a VPN provider available on PC, Android, and iOS, allowing you to strengthen the security of an Internet connection by creating a virtual private network.

What is iTop VPN?

 iTop VPN windows 10 is available on Windows PC, Android, and iOS smartphones. It makes it possible to geolocate a device on an IP address in another country. To anonymize and secure the Internet connection and access certain features exclusive to certain countries, such as a subscription to a streaming service.

What are the features of iTop VPN?

iTop VPN provides users with IP addresses spread over ten countries to locate their PC or smartphone abroad. It also gives access to specific servers dedicated to a particular application, service, or video game: this can allow the user, for example, to access the Disney+ or Netflix catalog from another country, to play a game video on a server different from his, etc.; all with an optimized speed connection. This VPN service also enables it to lift the restrictions linked to using a public Wi-Fi connection, such as a library or an Internet café. In addition to these basic features, iTop VPN offers an ad blocker, a firewall, and a function for saving screenshots in image or video format. Finally, a button called “kill switch” allows you to instantly cut the VPN connection in case of a problem to protect against any data leak or cyberattack.

How to download iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is available for download from the official website. A free version is available. However, it offers limited functionality: limited access to sixteen servers and uses limited to 700 MB of data per day. Beyond this offer, three paid subscriptions are available, offering more flexibility:

  • More than 1,800 servers
  • No data limit
  • A connection ten times faster
  • Access to the ad blocker and the firewall  

How to get iTop VPN (APK) for Android?

Since it is compatible with Android, iTop VPN is available for vpn téléchargement on Android smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Store. However, for users who prefer to download and install the APK directly without going through the “official” store, it is possible to find the iTop VPN APK on many sites, such as Google Play. 

iTop VPN Reviews

iTop VPN is a VPN provider still relatively unknown to the general public but which has the advantage of versatility: it is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, offers a large number of servers, and welcomes additional features, such as the firewall, the “kill switch” or the ad blocker. This versatility is all the more interesting as the subscription price is affordable, especially if you choose the offer comprising fifteen months at the cost of twelve. The free request, for its part, is not very interesting because of its limited functionalities, but it is an excellent way to test the product before getting your hands on the wallet. In the end, the only fundamental flaw of iTop VPN compared to some competing products is the low number of countries available to locate its IP address: only ten, whereas other VPN providers are much more generous.

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