Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerians | How to Apply

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerians depends on the type of visa you wish to apply for. This island offers three visas to Nigerians with all of them having their own peculiar requirements. Madagascar is a massive island located in the southeast of Africa.

Do you know that Madagascar is the second largest island in the world? Yes, that’s to tell how massive this place is. It hosts beautiful beaches, wonderful landscapes, and also some of the rarest wildlifes you can think of. French and Madagascar are also the official languages here. However, there are locals who can also speak English.

Types of Madagascar Visa to Nigerians

This island offers many types of visa to Nigerians who wish to visit the island. Also, as a Nigerian, you can get a visa on arrival that will give you the right to be in the country for 90 days. You need only two requirements to get a Madagascar tourist visa on arrival if you are a Nigerian. They are; Visa application and Nigerian passport.

Other visa types are;

  • Business visa 
  • Work visa

Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Travelers who wish to visit this island to conduct business or work may need other requirements apart from just their passport. This requirement is not difficult to meet if you can follow this requirement checklists I will show you here. 

  • International passport which must be valid till the time you will depart the country 
  • Clear copy of your passport data sheet 
  • Completely filled Madagascar Visa application form 
  • Recent passport photographs 
  • Written Cover letter (it should outline your reasons for traveling to this island) 
  • Health insurance certificate 
  • Proof of fund (amount you need to finance your stay in Madagascar
  • Valid flight itinerary 
  • Valid Hotel reservations (must include the date you intend to stay in Madagascar) 
  • Proof of financial capacity of your sponsor 
  • Proof of marriage status if applicable 
  • Employment proof (when applicable) 
  • Business letter from the company inviting you to Madagascar 
  • Trade license when applicable 
  • Madagascar Visa fees
  • Trade relationship between two countries in case of business visa. 

In general, the visa requirements above may not apply to all cases. Your visa type will determine the documents and criteria to meet before getting a visa to Madagascar. 

How to Apply for Madagascar tourist visa on arrival from Nigeria 

  • Step 1: prepare your international passport and travel itinerary 
  • Step 2: when you arrive in Madagascar, visit the Immigration counter to fill the Immigration form with your details. 
  • Step 3: pay the fees and submit the form with them 
  • Step 4: Madagascar will grant you visa on arrival depending on your available documents 
  • Step 5: you can now move into Madagascar with the visa. (your stay should not exceed the duration on your visa) 

Frequently asked questions 

How much is the Madagascar Visa on arrival? 

The normal charge is $24 but if you want to get things done fast, you will pay $44.49

Do I need a visa to visit Madagascar

As a Nigerian, you can visit Madagascar with only your passport and flight itinerary and later get a visa when you arrive on the island. 

What are Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerians? 

You need many documents but they depend on your travel needs. However, you can travel to Madagascar with just your international passport if you wish to visit for just a short term. 


Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerians gives access to ease travel to this island. Although, you need proper documentation if you desire to travel for business or work purposes. 

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