Mauritius Visa For Nigerians in 2023 requires applicants to have all the requirements before they can be granted a visa. Although, Nigerians have access to a visa on arrival to Mauritius but it is valid for only 14 days. 

Mauritius is located in the east coast of Africa and it has been receiving praises for some of the beautiful landscape and natural beauty. Apart from the beautiful scenery here, you will be surprised by the low cost of living on this island. Food and accommodation is very cheap, the locals are very friendly and there are lots of fun things to do daily. 

Do Nigerians need a visa to visit Mauritius in 2023

Well, it depends on your travel plan. If you intend to visit this island for sightseeing and tourism, you can easily take advantage of the visa on arrival to vacation in this beautiful island. What if you intend to overstay 14 days? You have to be careful here because it is against the law to overstay your visa. However, you can actually apply for another type of visa if you plan to stay in Mauritius longer than 14 days. 

Mauritius Visa Requirements For Nigerians 2023 

These are the requirements you must meet before applying for a Mauritius Visa from Nigeria. The requirements you need depend on the visa type you are applying for. 

Passport: this must be a valid International passport that has at least 6 months validity. Also, it must have two empty pages. 

A passport photographs: two recent passport photographs not older than 6 months 

Residence permit: this requirement applies only to those applying from Nigeria but are not citizens of Nigeria.

Bank account statement: provide statements of your bank which must show that you have enough funds to finance your stay in Mauritius. 

Travel itinerary: this must be valid hotel reservations letter of invitation from a friend or family that resides in Mauritius. 

Vaccination documents: a copy of your Covid-19 vaccination certificate or PCR test issued in the last 72 hours. 

Police clearance reports 

Work contract: only applicable to those processing work visas. 

How to Apply for Mauritius visa on arrival 

Follow these steps to apply for a visa when you want to take advantage of the 14 days visa on arrival for Nigerians. 

  1. When you arrive Mauritius, head to the Immigration counter at the airport 
  2. They will offer you immigration form to fill out, fill it properly, pay the required fees and submit back with other important documents. 
  3. The officials will stamp your passport with a 14 days visa. 

Remember never to overstay your visa before planning to return home. Mauritius is a very lovely place but they won’t tolerate those who flaunt the laws. 

Frequently asked questions 

Do Nigerians need a visa to Mauritius

No. Travelers from Nigeria can spend 14 days in Mauritius with the visa on arrival option. 

Can I travel to Mauritius from Nigeria now

Yes. Nigerians are free to travel to Mauritius anytime they have the basic requirements. 

How much is Mauritius Visa For Nigerians 2023? 

$50 is the visa fee for Nigerians when at the Mauritania immigration counter. 


Mauritius Visa For Nigerians in 2023 still on arrival for travelers who wish to spend only 14 days in the country. However, if you are traveling from Nigeria and you have plans to stay on the island for more than 14 days, better process another visa type. 

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