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Medical schools with scholarship in Europe | 2023

Medical schools with a scholarship in Europe offer awards to international students who wish to study in European schools. They do this to facilitate the movement of professionals from developing countries to Europe. 

Without doubt, Europe is an excellent destination for students who wish to pursue their career in any medical field. This is because there are many prestigious institutions in European countries. Also, as a student you will love the support these countries provide to students who are undergoing any program. Apart from the scholarship that provides part funding or full funding to students, there is also provision of straightforward access to work after graduation. So, that’s why you should endeavor to secure admission with a school that awards scholarships to students. 

Medical schools with scholarship in Europe

Here, I will list some of the best medical schools in Europe that offer scholarships to students. Some offer full scholarship while others over part scholarship. 

Heidelberg University scholarships, Germany 

Heidelberg is a German University that offers medical programs and research programs. These offers are available for both local and international students who choose to study medical informatics, public health and administration, medical technology and many others. Some of the scholarships this school offers are dean’s scholarships, presidential scholarships, Knowlton memorial scholarships and many others.

LMC Munich Faculty of medicine, Germany 

International Scholars who want to study in Germany with full scholarships should apply for this school. Professional development scholarships and Deutschland stipendium are currently open for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

ETH Zurich Scholarships in medical faculty, Switzerland 

ETH excellent scholarships, Swiss government scholarships, Gunthard masters scholarship are some of the available scholarships. Whether you will be pursuing BSc, MSc or PhD programs, there’s a scholarship at ETH Zurich you can apply for. 

Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 

Students from oversea countries have options to apply for scholarships on both BSc, MSc and PhD programs at this school. There are many medical programs you can choose from if you really want to study in Europe. 

KU Leuven faculty of medicine, Belgium 

Do you plan to undertake medical research in any medical field? Then this school is the best bet for you. They provide international students with support to pursue any medical research field of their interests. Although the school demands language proficiency scores, it will not be a problem. 

Some of the scholarships are Wilfried martens scholarships, Marc vervenne fund for PhD students, Rogar dillemans fellowship. 

Charles University faculty of medicine, Czech 

There are different scholarships available for all the medical faculties in this University. Some programs are more specialized to offer students paced attention to the details. However, whether you are pursuing undergraduate or PhD. There are scholarships available to cover your tuition fees. In addition, you must pass the language proficiency requirements. 

Copenhagen faculty of health and medical Sciences, Denmark 

Copenhagen is offering scholarships to students who wish to undergo a program in public health, molecular biomedicine and many others. 

Scholarship programs like Ena borchsenius veterinary scholarships, Danish government scholarships and danida scholarships  offer full funding to international students. Although there are language proficiency tests, you will be given an offer if your application is successful. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is it easy to get Medical schools with scholarships in Europe

Some of these schools have straightforward processes for those who want to apply. The requirements in general are lesser and you can meet all of them and secure your scholarship spot. 

Which European country is cheapest for medicine

Some of the cheapest countries in Europe to study medicine are;

  • Germany
  • Poland 
  • Sweden 
  • Czech 
  • Hungary 
  • Belgium 

Which country gives easy scholarships

Sweden offers many scholarships awarded to students who wish to study in the country. It can be a fully-funded scholarship or partial scholarship. 


Medical schools with scholarships in Europe are now accepting applications from international students who want to study in Europe. Although the application is not a work in the park since there are basic criteria you must fulfill. Also, you are free to check all of them and send applications to those you feel you are qualified for. 

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