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If you are looking for a gift that is easy to send, consider a Miconex gift card. They can be ordered online and mailed to almost any address. Whether you are purchasing one for a friend, family member, or yourself, they are the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Scotland Loves Local Aberdeen

Across Scotland, Miconex Limited is delivering a Scottish Loves Local gift card programme. The scheme, which is being supported by the Scottish Government, is designed to help local communities grow and prosper.

This is done by providing a free gift card to local businesses, empowering consumers to make purchases in local stores. It is also a way for businesses to reward employees.

In order to receive a gift card, a business must be registered as a merchant. Once registered, the business appears on a map of the local area.

Getting involved in the Scotland Loves Local campaign is easy. Businesses can register on the website, with all personal data processed by Miconex Limited. An activation code will be issued, which must be kept safe until the card is delivered.

The Scottish Loves Local Gift Card is the latest part of the Scotland’s Towns Partnership’s mission to promote local businesses and support communities. As a result, the scheme has already generated more than PS316,000 in corporate sales this year.


Miconex is a leading Scottish fintech and innovator of local gift cards and payments technology. They provide crucial support for local businesses, stimulating extra economic activity in the process. Their technology enables towns to implement their own digital gift card scheme.

The company was awarded the Social Impact award at the Scottish Financial Technology Awards 2022. It also earned a Company of the Year accolade at the September 2022 Incentive Awards.

Among their other achievements, Miconex received the award for the best use of prepaid at the aforementioned award ceremony. They have been responsible for the launch of over 25 cities’ gift card schemes.

In addition to their physical gift card programs, Miconex also offers a digital e-card solution. This new option complements their existing physical and Visa based offerings.

The company has won a number of industry awards for their trailblazing initiatives. Most recently, they were honored by the Gift Card and Voucher Association in London.

North America

Miconex is an international fintech company that provides gift card programmes. It has a clear vision to support local businesses and the communities in which they live. They have over 150 programmes in North America and the U.K. and have recently launched a first-of-its-kind digital gifting product.

As part of its expansion in the US and Canada, Miconex has launched a range of new gift card programs. The company’s prepaid gift cards are easy to use and can be accepted by all types of businesses.

With the launch of a new loyalty program called Mi Rewards, Miconex is encouraging customers to spend more in their local area. By bringing together a coalition of businesses, Mi Rewards removes the pain points of traditional loyalty schemes and encourages customers to use their cards more often.

Miconex is also working with EML Payments Limited, a global payments technology provider, to deliver the downtown gift card concept to North America. The Downtown Gift Card program is already transforming communities in the US and Canada.


A Scottish fintech firm, Miconex, is launching a digital gift card for towns in Ireland. The company has partnered with EML Payments Limited, a global payments technology solutions provider, to deliver a new product that will work with Apple Pay and other digital wallet services.

Miconex was founded in Scotland in 2009 and now operates 70 gift card programmes across the country. Its latest initiative, Miconex, is a digital gift card that will work through MasterCard and Apple Pay networks.

This innovative product is set to make local shopping more desirable and encourage shoppers to shop and spend in their communities. In October, the company won the Social Impact award at the Scottish Financial Technology Awards.

The company works with local communities and businesses to provide essential support. Their programmes are geared to help places with multi-channel marketing campaigns. They also manage redemption and payment.

Miconex will launch 2 new programmes in Ireland in November. One is the Lakes Gift Card, developed for the towns of Ballinrobe and Clonbur. Another is the Mi Rewards loyalty programme.


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