Most Famous Street Food from Around the World

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi
Most Famous Street Food from Around the World

Street food is one of the best ways to experience a region’s unique culture. The food is made by locals, it’s cheap, and it’s always delicious. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous street foods from around the world.

Empanadas – Argentina

Empanadas can be found all over the world, from small delis to fancy gastropubs. But for the tastiest, most authentic empanadas, you’ll need to travel to Argentina. These stuffed pastries are usually savory, filled with beef or chicken, but they also come in sweet varieties. If you’re a spice-lover, head to northwest Argentina where they serve empanadas with hot sauce.

Takoyaki – Japan

These little balls of octopus wrapped in dough are ideal for moseying the streets of Tokyo for some window-shopping. But it’s even more fun to watch the professionals make these snacks. Watch as they expertly flip the takoyaki balls into their molds while they cook. A small plate of 6 takoyakis is enough to satisfy your cravings and hold you over until your next meal.

Dumplings – China

They say that the dumplings Marco Polo tasted in China were so delicious that he had to bring them back to Italy in droves. In modern China, dumplings are usually made by hand at home and sold for a few dollars on the street. Every region of China seasons and wraps dumplings in their own way, and eats them with their own special sauce. If you ever find yourself in a night market in China, make sure to get a taste of the local dumplings.

Arepa – Colombia

The delicious arepas of South America have definitely made a name for themselves at the street fairs of New York City. These fried cornmeal patties have a sweet taste, which is balanced with a savory cheese or egg filling. Like the Chinese dumpling, each region of Colombia has its own unique variation on the arepa.

Ceviche – Ecuador

Did you know that fish can be cooked with acid instead of heat? That’s the key to ceviche. This easy-to-make dish involves marinating seafood in lime juice. Ecuador is renown for its shrimp ceviche, but if you’re in South America, make sure to try this refreshing delicacy in every country. As with many of the treats on this list, every community has its own take on this scrumptious street food.

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