Nail polish can change color with the temperature!

Hello, lovelies!

Do you want to add a touch of color to your fingertips on a hot summer day? As a delicate piggy girl.

Not only do you have to be exquisite in makeup.

The nails should not be spared either.

When it comes to nail art.

Do you like to DIY at home or go to a nail salon?

Or choose to go to the nail store?

In fact, no matter what

A beautiful nail can always bring you a good mood.

The nails are always good for your mood, and you can also relax by doing it yourself. ➥ Today, galglitter is going to share with you a special high-tech nail polish ~


NAILS INC is actually a British nail polish brand that landed in Japan in 2015. Although it is not toofamous in the country, it does not affect its hotness abroad.

Its nail polish not only dries quickly but also has no unpleasant smell. The width of the brushhead is also designed so that even the handicapped party can apply it evenly.

Although it is an old brand in the nail industry (founded in 1999), NAILS INC still likes to makeinnovations. For example, the previously launched spray nail polish is a new revolution in the nail art world!

➥ This year, it again turned the nail industry’s tradition upside down with the launch of a nail polish that changes color with temperature ~

The big print on the packaging gives you a bit of a feeling of power.

The high-tech nail polish that changes color with the temperature was launched on July 1, andthere are only two colors, one is a girl’s pink, and one is a high-grade gray.

High-tech also still does not affect the play of NAILS INC, the texture of the nail polish is still moving, and its other models are relatively smooth and easy to apply; even novices do not haveto worry about the uneven application and becoming patchy.

Let’s start with the girly pink.

This color is a light candy pink when the temperature is high, and the fingertips are on the whiteside, which is gentle with a hint of a cute girlie feeling.

However, when the temperature gets lower, the color of the nail polish will change. Fromtheoriginal light candy pink into a sweet romantic pink, it becomes more girly, especially cute.

And galglitter supplier of advanced gray in the higher temperature, presenting a particularly elegant feeling, advanced gray, fingertips is a touch of natural nude beige, I personally think this color in the can, a little grass!

When the temperature gets low, the color of the nail polish will change back to the original senior gray, which is a suitable color for the fall and winter seasons. Hin temperament, especially thehands of white girls, rub this color should be very suitable.

Of course, in addition to changing colors with the temperature, this nail polish itself is excellent; not only good to apply but also has a sense of gloss. The shiny feeling is not worse than the nail salon effect!

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